How to Get Employment For Ex Convicts

People often ask me, how do I find employment for ex convicts? so I am going to show you an easy way to get a job even if you ex-convict.

The first thing you want to do is avoid jobs that have high security clearance. so that means you probably can’t work at the casino even though it’s the stable job.

The military will hire you if you want to join because they’re desperate for people. (I recommend the Air Force or Navy because you don’t fight. all you do is just relax all day and learn stuff. and drink beer after work hours)

The best way to hook up with a job is at a restaurant. why? because they will pay you cash under the table. Don’t be surprised if you work as a waiter and get paid $20 an hour because people are generous with tips. (Again, depending on the restaurant)

But the best way to find employment even if you’re ex-convict is the Internet. because nobody cares on the Internet if you have a criminal background. as long as you get the job done, they don’t give a darn.

Plus it’s easy to get hired, because you’re working at home and they don’t pay for health insurance or whatever, but by the hour.

There are plenty of jobs on the Internet such as freelance content writer and stuff like that. You don’t need college degree either — there are plenty of high school drop like me making a good living on the Internet. You dig?

How to Get Employment For Ex Convicts

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