How to Find the Best VoIP Software for Your Smart Phone

There was a time when VoIP on a mobile phone was quite unheard of. Sure, there were always a few applications running on un publicized phones which no one really cared for, but even those who normally knew a lot about technology had no clue how voice over the Internet could replace regular PSTN calls on mobiles. that was just a few years ago and how things have changed since then. Nowadays, the choices for consumers to communicate over the Internet have exploded – so much so that we need an article helping users to decide which software to use Here, we take a look at VoIP smartphone software, how it works and what features are needed before you decide to download one.

VoIP Software on Smartphones
The problem with talking about VoIP technology in general is that VoIP is so flexible. there are many different ways to connect two people on the Internet and all of them are called VoIP. Apple’s Facetime technology can be called VoIP and so can Google Voice. Closed protocols such as Skype are also VoIP and of course, we have the SIP protocol.

But if all your friends are on Skype, then obviously the Skype application is best for you. what we’ll concentrate on in this article are SIP based VoIP applications. the software on the smartphone will connect to an SIP Proxy which will act as the middle man between you and the person you want to contact. there are many benefits to this model, not the least of which is that it protects you from security threats which will be handled by the proxy server instead.

So the most important configuration requirement will be that you have to type in the proxy server address (either a string such as or an IP address) into the setting screen and provide your authentication information that you got from your SIP VoIP provider.

Some features of a smartphone VoIP application make one’s life much easier. For example, if it takes all your existing phone contacts from your mobile and allows you to make calls by clicking on them. on the iPhone, this is difficult since it’s a closed system, but Android users should face no such problems. another features is whether it allows you to replace the native phone dialer entirely. This means that incoming messages and calls should ring the application instead of the regular phone dialer. All this is important for integration and makes you forget that you’re using a separate application for VoIP and makes it as natural as possible.

How to Find the Best VoIP Software for Your Smart Phone

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