How to Copy PS3 Games Without a Modchip?

If you are looking for ways to copy PS3 games, then there is some glad news waiting for you in this article. the PS3, although one of the most recent gaming consoles to be launched, has become extremely popular around the world. the widest range of games can be played on this sleek console, makes it a favorite with gaming fans.

While the launch of the gaming console has come as good news, what has been causing headaches to millions of avid gamers is the possibility of the game disks getting damaged, which is in fact quite high. With the disks being quite delicate, even a small scratch can leave them damaged. even regular usage is known to cause some amount of damage, ultimately leading to the disk being no longer playable. it is therefore important that you get to know the method to copy PS3 games in order to protect your precious investment and enjoy the games for a long time.

The rapid advances in the field of software technology has meant that today you have specific game copy software meant for copying PS3 games available over the internet. the software is programmed to read the secret code that makes the game disks so tough to copy. Once you have the right software, the entire copying process will hardly take a few minutes. Always ensure that you download only the accurate software, compatible with your computer’s software and hardware configurations. the game copying software meant to copy PS3 games should also be user-friendly. In fact, most of the software packages that are available in plenty nowadays and are extremely easy to install and use. you just need to follow the simple step by step instructions that appear on the monitor and you will be pretty soon having the backup copy with you.

The process to copy PS3 games starts with the original gaming disk being inserted into your computer’s DVD drive. a copy is first made by the DVD burner on your computer’s hard drive. the copy is made in the form of an ISO image file. this mirror image of the original gaming disk is then copied onto a blank DVD by the game copying software. In order for to copy PS3 games make sure that you have got all the devices ready with you. a reasonably fast PC, a latest version DVD writer, good quality blank DVDs and game backup software should be made ready before you go about the copying process.

How to Copy PS3 Games Without a Modchip?

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