How realistic is this plan?

/begin rant

Right now I'm 19 years old and I live in a suburb in Illinois, attending college. how realistic does this general plan I've set up for my future sound to you? taking into account, our current economic recession, job loss, and any other thing that I might not be aware of.

1. Graduate University

2. Job hunt/apply for jobs in New York City

3. Get a job in New York City

4. Search for potential roomates in New York City (Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Midtown Manhattan)

5. Find a nice, comfortable appartment with TWO other roommates aged 22-25 (recent college grads) before I start work in NYC

6. Adjust to and create a social life knowing absolutely NO ONE in the city other than my roommates who will hopefully be financially supported

7. start working able to pay rent, as well as comfortably enjoy hobbies and all that NYC has to offer. (Bars, clubs, sight seeing, Broadway, restarants etc.)

8. Over time, (a year to a year and a half) have an income that will allow me to: meet rent payments, utilities, things listed in number 7, and most importantly TRAVEL (internationally at least twice a year) to places like Europe, Asia, Australia, South America. (Not luxury travel, but rather low-budget backpacking. Living in hostels, traveling by rail etc.)

9. Meet a decent girl, being able to cater to her needs – yet still have the time to maintain the previously mentioned thrilling lifestyle (travel, hobbies etc.)

10. Get engaged, get married, and move OUT of NYC

11. Settle down somewhere. hopefully having racked up/invested/saved up enough money to purchase a nice house somewhere a little more less hectic such as Northern California.

No point anticipating what might happen after that – as that is a whole different part of my life.

But how realistic is a plan like this? is it expecting too much? I'm not exactly a realist, but more so an optimist. could someone out of college carry through with a plan like this? Assuming, I plan efficiently, and be smart about spending money. if not, what is it you think I'm being unrealistic about? What should I perhaps not be too set on? for someone who's main goals are to find a successful job, find love, be financially stable and travel constantly, is NYC the right place to live? if not, where would you suggest?

Thanks for all the help, guys.

/end rant

Well if you work hard it will happen. NYC is an expensive city so don't limit your options only to NYC (gotta pay off college right?). Heck life is too short to wonder if things are possible..go out and make them happen! just look how fast this past semester went! Good luck buddy.

! and 2 are easy. 3 is the kay to this whole scenario. if you can do that all the rest of parts 4,5,6 and 7 are do-able. I would not venture to plan past that. In case you have not heard, the job market is tough and you will be competing against experienced people in your field. By the way, what is your field?

Well, you had me. I was all sympathetic towards your plan and ready to help you out, till I got to the part about how you were going to live here till you got married and then leave! WHY? why move here just to leave?!?

You know, people on this site are sometimes down on people like me who moved to the City from elsewhere. (This is the only place I've encountered that attitude, btw.) while I think it's fine to move here from elsewhere if you intend on staying here and becoming part of the fabric of the City, I have no sympathy for people who come here, planning only to stay a few years. Don't bother!

NYC is not a frat house, where you can come to grow up! It's a real place made up of serious people, who really want to be a part of the City. I moved here over 30 years ago and made a life for myself here. I got married here and am raising my kids here. I have an interest in what happens in this City.

If you are only going to come here until your "real life" begins, why come here at all? I just don't understand this attitude!

this is the same EXACT plan that i have for the future! im also 19,college student, female though and i already live in new york… there is nothing unrealistic about it, hope it'll all work out for u! =)

How realistic is this plan?

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