How is progressive auto insurance with a claim or situation?

We are looking to change insurance policies, and progressive gave us the best quote, but i want to hear from YOU to see how well they handled your claim, i.e.. glass break, stolen, accident.etc….. please give me as much info as you can, I am not asking for policy #s, but your coverages, and vehicles. thanks!

Like any insurance company they are in it to make a profit and they will cut corners whenever possible. they are slow to pay out and when they do it is always less than you thought it would be.

I have shops in my area with BIG signs on their doors that they will NOT deal with any auto filing through Progressive. they have had too many problems getting them to authorize needed repairs, and paying for the repairs. unless you use one of their shops, you will have problems getting repairs done quickly and correctly. When shops don't want to make money off the insurance companies business, thats a HUGE RED FLAG!

I have written with Progressive for over 25 years (as an agent) and have found that their claims are second to none.

I recently had a client that rolled his truck on a Monday and totaled it out. he called us on Tuesday, not even knowing WHERE his truck was located. we called the Highway Patrol and located his truck in a wrecking yard and called Progressive Claims. they worked the claim on Wednesday, helped the client find a suitable "replacement" vehicle and he was in our office on Thursday in his "new" truck – wanting to make his necessary vehicle substitution and get new ID Cards.

That's NOT weeks – that's a matter of DAYS and he's driving something different!

I have heard claimants complain "they paid the claim so fast, I didn't even know if I was HURT yet!"

Progressive has tried to go to "preferred shops" where business is agreed on and they know the shop will provide a properly repaired auto at a proper price. they cannot legally put you back into a vehicle that is NOT repaired to "pre-accident" condition, and as long as it IS repaired to specs – what difference does it make to the consumer if they got the job done for $3000 or $5000?

They also have concierge service in a lot of larger towns where you have your rental car waiting for you when you get there.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

How is progressive auto insurance with a claim or situation?

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