How exactly would donated Harley Davidson motorcycles help in the Haiti relief effort?

"The 28 Buell and Harley-Davidson motorcycles will first be shipped to the Motor Company’s Dominican Republic dealership organization MagnaMotors before being delivered to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti.
The motorcycles will be used by for disaster relief and stabilization efforts in the Caribbean nation. Haiti suffered an earthquake Jan. 12, and several countries and organizations have offered humanitarian aid. The donated motorcycles will later remain as a permanent donation to the government of Haiti."

Unless they're sold at auction and the proceeds donated, would this really help?

I'm not a Harley owner and I am not the expert on Haiti that obviously many others here are. I guess what I find amusing is how anytime the word Harley is posted here all the haters flock to it like little sheep. obviously transportation is an issue there right now. maybe a Harley isn't the best option, but Harley doesn't make a dual sport, enduro, etc. Is Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, etc. donating bikes also? I don't know, maybe they are. but I promise you that if Honda sent a fleet of Goldwings to Haiti nobody would have any negative remarks to make about that. Not taking up for Harley's, I could care less, just making an observation about how human beings can take such a dire situation and find pettiness in it.

They figured out how to get free motorcycles. They're going to take full advantage of anything they can. Haiti is a corrupt government but I suppose you already knew that.

It won't. they are poorly suited for Haiti and too expensive for a poor nation. A fine example of beurocracy gone mad.

A fleet of Yamaha 125 enduros would have been more sensible.

It's a publicity stunt. Haiti didn't have much of a government before the quake. Their cops were often ex-Tonton Macoute.

I agree, it sounds like govt officials saw a chance to get a free bike.
Haiti govt can show the Mafia how to corrupt a system.

Cut up into appropriately-sized pieces to hold the corners of the tents down during hurricane season.

They would make excellent boat anchors for the large supply ships.

Sounds like the police just got new police bikes

How exactly would donated Harley Davidson motorcycles help in the Haiti relief effort?

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