How do you install android on an iphone 4?

I've seen people run the android os on their iphones, but they require an iphone 2 or 3g. is there a way to install on it an iphone 4?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's completely impossible to run android on an iPhone. anyone who has shown you android on an iPhone has been playing a very good trick on you. I tried that on my friend once. I would recommend buying an iPhone 4, though. They're AMAZING.

By the way, there is no iPhone 2

you must have seen the android lock on iphone. if that's true then you can email me at for the method to install the android lock on your iphone and you can also contact me for any other info regarding iphone. thanks

its appareantly a work in progress…

How do you install android on an iphone 4?

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