How do I prevent weeds from coming up through newly planted grass?

I have a section in my yard that is entirely weeds. I want to know if I spray weed killer and kill them, then put down top soil, and plant new grass what will stop the weeds from coming up through the grass next year. I have sprayed these weeds in the past and they do tend to grow back the next year.

It depends on the variety of grass you have around it. For example if you have St. Augustinegrass, then you would steer very clear of 2-4D because it will kill it.

Your best bet is to take a flat shovel, scrape the weeded area. Then put down some Preen (pre-emergent). Then re-sod.

Short of that, either Atrazine or 2-4D level 4 (sometimes 2-4D400) and spray the area. Over-seed a week later. BE SURE TO CAREFULLY READ THE USE AND WARNINGS ON ANY CHEMICALS YOU USE.

All weeds grow back. the key to control is pre-emergent and healthy grass. Pre-emergent doesn't stop existing weeds, but it keeps new weeds from coming back by stopping the germination process in the undeveloped weeds. You'll need to put pre-emergent down before the coming season every season because there are fall / winter weeds and spring / summer weeds.

Once you have those problematic weeds under control, be sure to thatch the grass (so that the grass becomes more dense and lush, usually done in fall or early spring), fertilize (in the fall use weed and feed, during the growing season use something with higher Nitrogen like 28-0-5), and then make sure you have consistent and conservative watering habits (usually only water in the early am around 4ish) or late evening (around 6-7ish)

avoid using "killers". apply a weed & seed per package instructions. invest in a trowel & dig the weeds out as soon as you notice them in the future.

A quality lawn weed and feed will work. it just takes time for the lawn to get established. A healthy growing lawn is in itself a good weed preventer.

How do I prevent weeds from coming up through newly planted grass?

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