How Could the iPod Become So Popular? The Story of the iPod

When in 2001 Apple published the first version of the iPod, nobody could imagine what a high influence the whole iPod thing would have nowadays. throughout time, Apple turned the common mp3 player into a fashion product and to some sort of a status symbol. Today iPods are cool and trendy.

The first iPod had a memory capacity of 5 GB. this could be reached with the use of a mini 1,8 hard drive, where the most other mp3 players use flash memory. The disadvantages of the hard drives are, that they are slower than flash memory, and not very break-safe. So if you drop a HDD the chance is pretty high that it will be damaged.

The controller of the iPod is called Touch Wheel because it is touch sensitive. With more than 100 sensors it tracks the rotation direction of your fingers to scroll through your tracks. But it also has five buttons, play/pause, forward, backwards, menu and the middle button. In the newer versions they are integrated into the Touch Wheel, now called Click Wheel. The first time it was implemented was in the iPod mini (2004).

2005 the iPod mini was replaced by the iPod nano model. The first generation was equipped with 1,2 or 4 GB of flash memory, and had enormous reduced dimensions compared to the normal iPod model. It also comes with an color display. The third generation of the iPod nano was the first which could play videos. But the first color display was implemented on the iPod photo, already in 2004.

On the way to the iPod touch, there first came the iPod shuffle. A mini mp3 player without a display. You just have the options to shuffle the titles, like the name says, or to play them in row. no single title selection is possible. With its very small size the iPod shuffle is perfectly for jogging or biking.

The iPod touch is the newest model of the iPod family. It was published circa at the same time as the iPhone, and has nearly the same functions as it, beside the mobile phone functions.
The iPod touch has the possibility to install software (Apps), play music and videos or even whole films. But it has no camera like the iPhone. It also has a multiple touch touchscreen. Apple promotes the iPod Touch as mobile video games console.

The memory of the iPod’s increased enormously throughout the time. So the first gen iPod from 2001 had a memory of 5 or 10 GB. The 6.2 version of the classic iPod comes with 120 or 160 GB.
And also the other models where improved permanently.

I think the only way that the iPod could become so popular is that Apple gives it such an exclusive style. You can only charge your iPod with the iTunes software, only can use Apps from the Apple store, and you even can’t change the batteries yourself. Today the iPod is not just a product, it has become a lifestyle.

How Could the iPod Become So Popular? The Story of the iPod

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