Hotel Jobs in NYC

 There are plenty of hotel jobs in NYC available now that the hospitality industry is expected to experience a boost, in tandem with the growth of the tourism industry. But with such a wide variety of hotel types-casino, full service, boutique etc-offering different types of hotel jobs, finding one that suits you may be a bit difficult. so before you go looking at job search ads for hospitality jobs, find out what kind of jobs the hotel industry has to offer.

One of the first hotel employees you see once you step through the big rotating or automatic glass doors of any hotel is the front desk staff. Because of their high visibility, and their strategic placement at a desk in the centre of the lobby, the front desk staffs are usually the ones guests go to for answers, complaints and everything else. They are also the ones responsible for handling check-ins and check-outs as well as reservations. Therefore, before you go looking for front desk hotel jobs in NYC, make sure you have an approachable and friendly attitude, and complement your excellent communication skills with detailed information and knowledge about various hotel procedures.

If you consider yourself handy with tools and gadgets, and possess a knack for fixing broken electrical equipments as well as having the years and experience to prove all of them, then consider applying for one of the many maintenance jobs available among hotel jobs in NYC. Maintenance workers in hotels are responsible for making sure that the hotel runs in excellent shape, electrical equipment and other utilities-wise. This means they fix any broken light bulbs, busted up air conditioning and even blocked toilets, just to name a few. They also perform many preventive measures to ensure that the hotel doesn’t face electrical breakdown among many other mishaps.

Hotel jobs in NYC also involve housekeeping, where workers are employed to help perform everyday chores of cleaning the hotel guests’ rooms and toilets. these tasks include changing bed sheets and linens, replacing used toiletries with new and fresh ones, as well as vacuuming the floor. Hotel guests may also request the housekeeping staff to perform laundry services for their own clothes, and subsequently the ironing as well. to qualify for a housekeeper, there is usually no prior experience required, as most learn from on-the-job training, but you should possess patience, good communication skills and an eye for detail. Experienced housekeepers can qualify to become executive housekeepers, responsible for not only supervising other housekeepers but also make budgets and purchase equipment and supplies.

There are various types of hotel jobs available to fulfill the workforce demand of the booming hospitality industry, so start looking for hotel jobs in NYC now to reap the benefits of a growing industry.

Hotel Jobs in NYC

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