History of the People’s Choice Awards

Since 1975, The People’s choice Awards ceremony has aired annually on CBS to honor achievements in all walks of entertainment and popular culture as determined by members of the general public. that year, The Sting as Favorite Picture, Barbara Streisand as Favorite Film Actress, and John Wayne as Favorite Film Actor became the first winners in the history of The People’s choice Awards. Bob Stivers created the show, and Proctor & Gamble bought the show from him in 1982. Variations of the show include Nickelodeon’s Kids’ choice Awards and Fox’s Teen choice Awards, but none of the shows share any relation beyond the similarities among their names.

The nomination and voting processes for the People’s choice Awards have been works in progress since the show’s conception, but especially in more recent years. For most of the show’s history, award winners were determined by Gallup polls which surveyed members of the public in categories concerning actors, actresses, films, television, artists, or groups. with no specific nominations or lists of figures to choose from, the public could choose whomever they saw fit for each award, without limitation. The results of the annual survey would then be assessed to determine that year’s People’s choice Award winners. due to the margin of error associated with polls, however, a single winner was not always determinable from the data, resulting in frequent ties in the cases of close votes. For the 2005 awards, a new voting system was implemented, with specific nominees being determined by Entertainment Weekly editors, the production team of the People’s choice Awards, and a panel of fans of popular culture chosen from among the general public. After nominations were determined, voters could submit their votes online.

This system was tweaked even further for the 2006 awards show, with Knowledge Networks, a web research company using a phone recruitment method to compile a nationally representative sample of men and women ranging from 18 to 54 in age in order to determine a list of nominees reflective of the pop culture favorites – based on various statistics and sales performance (such as gross box office earnings and album sales) – from which voters could choose, or else write in their own selections that don’t appear on the list. in 2010, there were still more changes made to the selection process – with use of a different media research company with a specialization in the measurement of Internet Video audience behavior. The company, Visible Measures, is supposed to offer a means of measuring online popularity objectively.

Categories vary from year to year, but so far in the past have included crystal award honors for categories such as Favorite All-Around Movie, Favorite Movie Actor, World Favorite Movie Actor, Favorite On-Screen Match-Up, Favorite Leading Lady, Favorite Tour, Favorite Hair, Favorite Song, Favorite Horror Movie, Favorite TV Doctor, Favorite Talk show Host, Favorite Family Movie, Favorite Remake, Favorite Reality show, Favorite Movie Star Under 25, and others. in 2008, a category was created for Favorite Sci-Fi show, with Stargate Atlantis being the first show to receive the honor.

History of the People’s Choice Awards

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