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Now each unit returned to talk. as the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man out.

There’s — let it. He got that you’re hurt or how — and I come out you know please you know you ride it out now on Alex now.

On WAA. — out today brought to you by Manchester Boston regional airport Wi-Fi MHT how about new jet service to New York City. on Delta Airlines in new south west nonstop service to Fort Lauderdale. and Las Vegas flights coming this spring. Please visit line Manchester dot com. I don’t know if they’ve — Indianapolis or not but you might wanna start looking at backing — we are you looking into your slides. If and held — here’s — tax which says kids are wasted sports seats aren’t angry man don’t take a five at somebody else’s do not think of five year old. To the AFC champions take every serviceable and that’s that we sack. after that’s tax. and over and over your — via the NC a a here are the best don’t know messages the last 24 hours.

And he — old. Craig great one what impact could use — for a bracket.

You mentioned with — American well what’s in the you know there’s an actual word and there.

Don’t know where that word is derived from but I know where the object is derived from. in the days that prostitutes used to get pubic — they had to use — these to have the shave off all their hair so they would — Merck and on to make it look like everything was normal on the — would — suspect they had grants. No more you know.

The goal — is back in the day announces — and it’s really.

I beat each —

Act out and wait and what about the engine now.

As does the same we — tied a modern family and the little toddler with the F bomb last night dress and — major controversies that people are trying to make out of it and that’s as Hussein and his kids Wear them on. Note to drop on the for the first time I tell old disease — fall when he picked — premieres Douglas Wilson was a — like I have worked because discipline atomic you know it’s mostly use those — a big — that’s — my big — Randy — truck from a mental and I was I was. — line oil on its do you think it’s okay to start swearing around your kids. I don’t know when am I don’t think it really Manning went on kids anymore I think it’s dangerous when they’re going to — your — delivered — your house.

A window between like two — young — I think — know it’s different in America what you’re doing at the bar review sent. Yeah — yeah I can’t Canada’s a lot don’t you guys you guys did what he does is nothing it’s a non story — where crisis where I’m probably cannot now times — in an error on your Barbara — when your first Gregory you’re in the you’re in the playground — your buddies here you’d drop them.

F bombs all the — of whiners think that I used to be terrified to swear. because my father would would — me — I used to — I don’t think I — totally — to bring down there I — I don’t think I I don’t believe it I don’t believe those — those — I’m not I don’t think — reference to a man actually reprimanded me once — swore on the phone with my son was in the music but yeah I know — on it but it’s — I’m on the phone with a —

I would want to lose that much work and go at that. — a bit expensive note the first words that do you know and it. Ally of Barack Obama and I got a daughter on the stage or use it appropriately. — language.

And — earlier I want my stepfather was being me was from parents — that it was an is that appropriately. Recognize that that’s what your parents teach their kids went to use those words a Texas says Ahram probably picked it up that path. and all in all those girls. this this is WA AF in WAA FHD one last robust NW KF NW — HD one Brockton — and where you outraged. If you watched modern family last night. Colin tell me if you’re right I didn’t think it was offensive in the least but will — do you think about that.

I can only imagine you have Bob coming out of all the old — and — He’s brilliant everything else but — I. Kind of — name is loitering here yeah real but it could make — I have been bothered at all a problem.

And let you know — on its — once and for Pittsburgh and yeah. — The Catholic I was gonna look like it’s all the data and have any thoughts — I was trying to keep returning him and I — comes down. but check out pizza and I might not have the —

On them. — for a little guy hunger pains could borrow Weis — like a wealthy family that was there or something that we waited for my dad my data that have shown up right in the end — for the stock and I was hungry man and I might bottom like you know — at a pizza and I haven’t you Wake — it’s going to be so — that god — bringing that. He should bring your own Mike — English muffin pizzas to Chucky cheese I guess that would that’s right up your — You — the guy — beat big save big dollars if you did you bring illegible pizza through with you to Chucky cheese and — beating your kid.

Hey listen Mark Wahlberg well really depleted — and remember right before my movie — Blues and feel horrible. but — a few 100000 people could create a total money electrocuted Geico.

And Wahlberg and we’ve been talking about this morning he was in an interview men’s journal said that he could’ve stopped the nine elevenths he was on. The flight it would have been blood in the cabin but he would have taken care of it also said that he never master — and that has quite a visitor at his quote was. — dose of molestation do. America the beautiful wife and six is not the most important thing to me being horny all the time to think in the I mean it’s not against the law you can do — if you want. Billy — it doesn’t matter it’s a lot of up okay and also most efficient and colors and after itself laws they should. A glitzy music self molestation. What’s — negative now you’re connotation time. I’m and and necessary a completely necessary daily activities I don’t like it when my ten feet why does he have to put a negative on it.

Think think you need and can’t.

They’ll help on our agenda. You know not panic and — you know I cannot — and partner.

Barack. Let’s — all periods an awful lot of time with the tennis instructor I guess he got to learn. Learn ever figures out the back and then. in the forehand and sure the the end and let me just your look is Greg be excellent movie a match point oh Leo — the Scarlett Johansson. You know what I want Sussman also — some are now Lenny Clarke on that Chelsea handler show and let me get a pretty good job the show is pretty. —

Think 06. and yeah.

They’re pretty sure they’re treating this Morton you know which parent might act as. Over the nightmare where — work but radio station bought in and out of — and I tried my do everything that could write. but no matter how hard I tried everything I — what the crap — all over and over again allows — happening and it’s running away from.

Under which does that still would like to know. why you are laughing — disappointing your child would know pizza — just. put somebody. That’s funny like you know like Obama bots and coach on game four at the way for — equipment that would happen. My kids starving. Packed packed packed packed. The — that’s it’s an uncomfortable laugh that’s the that the — parliament.

7:20. AM. at 10:20. AM.

The court — bad. in the here but I a little bit show I don’t what you had a bird dialed a number correctly on the first drive local.

now is okay and that on the patriots tickets giveaway is — and it’s the extra numbers on this night the east it’s called the one. Well it’s happened. Don’t forget if the — tickets for the game on Sunday we’ll see at the stadium for the WA AF pregame party was — in his way and that’s presented by Pepsi — the official soft drink sponsor of the major street sense you were — Patriots by three gals prediction by — get it right last dime.

Abby on DirecTV as Bobby.

I’m happy I got department I have DirecTV or the stupid they’re this year I’ve gentle but then we don’t get the contract that’ll —

You better I hope they get that settled back to me but it’s not a market that your big screen — July have a game I don’t — his music so well I’m I’m in the end zone man kids get tickets now at this who rules would — I get to Santo studios think. An old.

I think as to be great and not a collection. I can see them how fitting that the head of the white vote barking out instructions. following from that — too little too —

And the message that broke. The — arrest them like I’ll eventually — age old old.

brought it’s extremely dot com what is bad is today. I don’t apply — apparently get it out is what but the fact is. but I really believe. They’re gonna find out the — capital that we’ll yet — somehow don’t — way related to.

Now. It’s and have a bad that. that image when it comes records that some in this guy is making words don’t got a cowards. Make Ali Italians act hasn’t elements and I’d. Be right. — his excuse is classic cool enough to. We’ll get to the captain’s excuse coming up many — this morning and seen.

Eloquent. that it could have quite a few practice or still on the carpet running out and hit it into — if you would go.

And I miss my grandfather Alfonzo did fight against the Americans in WW two eyes and and — did try to honor him several memorial days ago for that. Well. You know — arm here that’s. He still killed Americans. LB Texas it switch over to DISH Network. that it’s cheaper and you get them cumulative. Walsh thanks very much of it.

Oh eat me. but I hit it LB and state paralyzed patients. Where — at.

A couple of Rosetta Stone kicked paralyzing agent might see that what he would evening. It if it well area. like the word paralyzed — stuff. but is that worse paralyzed patient. —

Happened code forward. and AM.

Hey kid who accompanied today. Try and break the world record from left to patient with a bucket a kid can.

And — it. I hours 58 minutes we learned during are you smarter than they — through that is the world record frame masturbation session. Nine hours 58 minutes no skin left on me right hand of the individual but not noninterest DeSoto it was a Japanese giants now. — Nearly try to break the record I think echoed I wanna know what the qualifications. what — is that you have to continuously do it for nine hours while I don’t think it probably isn’t she wasn’t. this is not a Guinness book thing man I would assume they don’t have that in match I know — was I don’t know if that passion and but I don’t know who. If I know who certifies its.

Officials — those gigantic. — it’s it’s it you know 380 yeah it’s it’s not. Record in the Guinness world. Who you go to deserves. I don’t. It is pretty old.

You know. Adobe. It would — I don’t — and I got. Back on — Occurred exactly. so. It about.

The end of that evening. only the captain has to left people learn more about that coming up in just the.

It and bring it back — that we had parents bring Ed. I’m on the current trip but they haven’t about daylight. and the big — and eight supposed to go off to get I don’t hit I wake up.

In my dream. I’d throw ropes — swing back and forth conceive everybody save everybody’s means it the finger and I just want to blow very minute he could’ve saved everybody that’s the awful thing. as — those people off they have even had the guy hadn’t even conducted. Today the demonstration on how you use everything lifeboats. I don’t neoprene life jackets that hadn’t even done that yet the guys the worst capital time.

Without big. I lost power last night only — barbaric and at Iowa market — around here. Without the help.

of that excuse today. so what’s — disasters usually funny. Red eyes when indeed grab my sports pursue — and said that’s thing with — no problem with the — is. your phone the battery echoes from full to dead and that those I don’t even I’d imagine you’re registered register — so I didn’t just threatened again. — so having your iPhone that exist I I it’s funny that you were charging it. No I was charging before — went to bed and — to — reminder that when I go to medical my iPhone — hello yeah so wakes me up when it ranked and it doesn’t bother your — laws granting video doesn’t wake up — smooth squashed and know when I I I grabbed it in it was dead then there was there with the screen was blank. and then I I flew like a madman. and he should be oppressed where atrocities when he when he when he sits in there and here we are pretty important thing.

No man I’d say you don’t agree with every — little — you don’t — Brady — car. really particularly.

And — it all quarterback yes it calls its. in the no contact NFL but I’m not sure that Tom Brady gets specialty — I don’t I don’t you guys you guys I hope he does — by the way it’s so very. It’s it’s really it’s it’s more not Ed reed’sTerrell Suggs who says it — we happy memories I spent time terrorist Arafat spent not do for you after every play. I love scene Tom re talking to them — I love when he’s in the guys in talent and you missed this whole new respect I just take me out on capitol.

In every sport. Gretzky calls not the best VH. but the — best best pitchers in baseball get the straits because this slugs that the — billion dollar hair. You know it’s — law. and pretty AM.

Hey there technical could I don’t start with Mark Wahlberg is that departed. I just wanted to call that day I can’t believe he did on that play until I.

ago that he is. — right. Thank you — participating today — hill mail call 617779546382. Believe your voice mail today Hill Man Morning Show.

Occurred just that bank off the coast of Italy it ain’t that the work crack. Apple recorded bout that 2000 and I thought —

And listen every morning at 750.

Hill-Mail 1-19-2012

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