Help, My Xbox 360 is Broken How Can I Fix an Xbox 360?

Well for all you gamers out there this is an excellent news- Xbox 360, the all new gaming console has arrived It’s obviously a unique and brilliantly made gaming console, but it does have an unavoidable weakness- it easily breaks down.

Broken Xbox 360 generally leads to hardware failure. When the programming fault occurs involuntarily, gamers will see three red lights flashing around the on/off button instead of the normal green light shown there.

The three red lights flashing is the signal the machine provides to tell you that a general hardware problem has occurred and the machine cannot resolve the problem temporarily.

If you want to know what percentage of Xbox 360 gaming consoles are susceptible to the same problem, there’s no official figure from Microsoft to tell you this. however, the generally accepted number is 30-35%. this is an alarming number of breakdowns, considering the total number of Xbox consoles that are sold all over the world by Microsoft. the three red lights, like the flash of the signs of death itself, therefore, haunt many gamers over the world indeed.

For the majority of gamers naturally, the all important question is how to get over this problem and what exactly to do when the here red lights of death flash?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this problem. You might try Microsoft’s website and submit a console repair request, but very few people end up satisfied this way. the service is too complicated, awkward and also quite costly. however, Microsoft will not tell you this very soon.

Now is your console under warranty period or not? if the answer is no, you have to spend about $140 for repairs, shipping excluded. Shipping will cost you round $25, plus the very disagreeable hazards of safely packing the product, along with the 6-8 weeks of patient waiting to get it back.

But even if the warranty has not yet expired, you will have to pay for the shipping charges, not forgetting the packing hazards and months of waiting.

Not until very recently, this was the only way you could resolve the problems of your very dear gaming console. however, to the rejoicing of gamers worldwide, the scenario has changed for the better. now there are many technicians willing to offer their services to mend the problem in their shops. You could come across even one such a center in our town itself.

The additional advantage in this system of repairs is that there is also the option of having it mended right from your home. You will not even have to take it for repairs to the shops

A group of technicians have made out a Xbox 360 repair manual through their cumulative efforts that help you fix the problem all by yourself at home Theses guides give you detailed, step by step instructions about how to resolve your problem. And they’ll cost you fractions of what they used to cost you earlier Additionally, for visual learners there are detailed and instructive videos to help you to resolve the problem on your own.

Help, My Xbox 360 is Broken How Can I Fix an Xbox 360?

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