Help – How Do I Get Good Stripper Jobs?

Stripper Jobs appear often. Strippers or exotic dancers are always in demand, even in times when the economy is poor. before you can go and get a stripper job you must first learn how to become a stripper, there is more to it than you think.

This can be a tough industry both making money and on your personal life. however if you do it right you can make very good money and look after yourself financially for a very long time.

Before you ask, you do not need to have model looks and be blond. I have worked with girls with every look under the sun, and some of the highest paid stripper jobs are occupied by girls who you probably would just walk by in the street without giving a second look.

Stripping is not everyones cup of tea, it can be very competitive and you are left to manage your own time and therefore your own income. you have to handle busy nights as well as some very quite nights. at the same time I can tell you that I would not do any other job, I love it.

You probably would not expect it but a girl with a stripper job that pays her great money has learned many sales and peoples skills. there a tips on how to open a conversation, how and where to sit, how to sell up customers, how to move around a club when its quite, how to spot customers who are spending money and many more.

The good news is, unlike when I first started there were no mentors or tutors around, the industry has come leaps and bounds and there are now girls like me who will teach you everything from how to go to an audition, how to get the stripper job, what to do on the first night of work, how to handle customers etc.

Working as a stripper in the clubs I know girls who regularly make $500-$1000+ per night. you get to meet some great and interesting people from all around the world, and you will make some great girl friends in the process. me I love dressing up and counting my money at the end of the night, the fast cars and my new house complete with swimming pool.

Help – How Do I Get Good Stripper Jobs?

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