Have you guys seen "Vayu Shakti 2010" Indian Air force biggest firepower demonstration?

The Indian Air Force will display its full combat power capability when 'Vayu Shakti-2010', its biggest firepower demonstration is unleashed at the Pokhran firing ranges this 28th February Evening.

Its live on the Indian national channel.

About 70 planes of different variety like Sukhoi 30s, Mirage 2000, Jaguars, MIG 21, attack helicopters, UAVs and high-tech AWACS will display their full firepower. This will be a day-night practise and show of strength of the IAF.

The transport aircraft include AN-32, Embraer and IL-76, while Mi-17 4 and Mi-35 attack helicopters will constitute the rotary wing ingredients.

For the first time Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) will be used to monitor the mammoth exercise, while an unmanned aerial vehicle will stream live video images of the target destruction.

In addition to the 65 aircrafts participating from all IAF Commands, 30 standby aircraft in air and an equal number on ground will make it one of the biggest participation by IAF aircraft in any such FPD ever.

Mock radar sites, tanks, marshalling yards, terrorist camps, runway, BMP (infantry fighting vehicles), blast pens and convoys are among few of the targets that pilots will seek to destroy. Para-drop and troop insertion of Guard- IAF's Special Forces to neutralize a terrorist camp will also be on display.

The other attractions will include aerobatics display by Surya Kirans and Sarang, display by IAF skydiving team-Akash Ganga and renditions by IAF Symphonic Orchestra.

yeaaa… i saw it !! was awesome..
.. neways.. u gt ne idea about the music that was playing in the background… was superbb..!! lemme know plz.

I couldn't see it, its available online somewhere (recorded)?

Yeah I saw it but it was a low clarity on my TV. All Aircraft rocked the skies. nearly our Vayusena will be one of the best in the world

Have you guys seen "Vayu Shakti 2010" Indian Air force biggest firepower demonstration?

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