Halo 4 New Enemy: Prometheans

Halo 4 is no doubt one of the most anticipated games this holiday season and year. E3 gave us new things to be excited for including a new enemy race seen in the demo during the Microsoft conference. at the time we had little to no information on where the new enemy originated from or why it suddenly appears.

Jessica Shea of 343 industries recently went into detail on these new enemies giving us a little more insight and letting us know what to expect from them.

“the Prometheans are a powerful and mysterious element of the ancient Forerunner Warrior-Servants whose forebears fell from power following the Human- Forerunner War. Some of the remaining Prometheans appear to be tasked with defending the mysterious alien world we’ve recently shown you, along with its payload of terrifying secrets and emerging threats. Much like the Covenant, the Prometheans feature a variety of different unit types, each one utilizing unique tactics, technology, and abilities to create dynamic combat scenarios unlike anything you have encountered in Halo before”

If you haven’t seen the demo from E3 you can watch it by clicking here. the game looks beautiful and the threat of a never before seen enemy is new and exciting. a good start to a new trilogy.

What are your thoughts on Halo 4 and the ‘Prometheans’ ? let us know in the comments below!


Halo 4 New Enemy: Prometheans

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