Guyana guy will get life in JFK international airport blast plot

An old parliamentarian turned jihadist from Guyana was sentenced alive in prison Wednesday in new York to get a plot to detonate the fuel system under John F. Kennedy Airport terminal.

Abdul Kadir and his co-conspirators “believed their attack would cause extensive injury to edinburgh airport and to the new York economy, along with the loss in numerous lives,” the Justice Department said following the sentencing in Brooklyn federal court.

A jury trial captured heard that Kadir and former airline cargo worker Russell Defreitas had begun preparations in 2006 to inflatable fuel tanks and also the fuel pipeline under the airport, which can be located about 12 miles (19 kilometers) from Manhattan.

These were found guilty and Defreitas will probably be sentenced on January 21, a spokesman for that US attorney’s office said.

Another man, Abdel Nur, pleaded guilty to supporting the conspiracy and faces up to many years behind bars. A fourth alleged plotter, Kareem Ibrahim, faces trial for a passing fancy charges as Defreitas and Kadir.

Legal court found that Defreitas, a naturalized US citizen from Guyana, initiated the plot, using his experience of airport fuel depots.

He recruited Kadir and others and took video surveillance of JFK airport to exhibit Kadir back Guyana.

Kadir, an engineer by training, provided links to militant groups with explosives experience along with other support.

Prosecutors said Kadir led attempts to enlist support from big international Muslim militant groups and from Iran’s government for the attack.

Kadir admitted in the court which he was passing information regarding sensitive military issues in Guyana to Iran anf the husband followed Iranian fatwas, or religious decrees.

He was arrested in June 2007 in Trinidad when heading to Iran via Venezuela. he was then extradited and arrested for conspiracy to address a public transportation system, aircraft, and international airport facilities.

“The sentence imposed on Abdul Kadir sends an effective and clear message,” said US Attorney Loretta Lynch. “We will bring to justice people who plot to fight america of America.”

Guyana guy will get life in JFK international airport blast plot

Guyana guy will get life in JFK international airport blast plot

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