GTA V photo preview rocked, release date soon, mobile version likely

Rockstar Games really rocked the gaming community with ten photo preview of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V last week. Photo preview of Grand Theft Auto V includes transportation available in-game, leisure and activities that can be done in the latest title, possible missions and police chase in action.

In a span of one week three separate posts from Rockstar showing photos of Grand Theft Auto V gathered almost 50,000 reactions from comments to shares and likes in the social network. Comments include suggestions in game enhancement and feature requests but in summary the gaming community is excited and craving for the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

Since the announcement of having Grand Theft Auto V in the works last October 2011 the only official statement form the developer we had is a video trailer which has 22.3 million views since November 2, 2011, and a dozen of photo preview.

Rumors about the released date of GTA V are scattered all over the web, some of it says 2013 is the set date, other says at the end of 2012.

To date, the predecessor of GTA V has now a record of almost 23 million copies sold world wide. With the hype Rockstar Games has created since the official announcement it is expected GTA V will surpass the sales of GTA IV in a short period of time after its release. Price tag would be around $60 or much higher due to the success of its predecessors.

Gamers can expect this title to be available initially in Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. a PC version is expected but probably in a later time after the release. Mobile gaming is also emerging due to smartphone and tablet innovations having the capability of a decent computer and game console so we could also expect Android and iOS versions but hopes should be not so high, and expect a mini version.

GTA V photo preview rocked, release date soon, mobile version likely

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