Grammy Recap (Part 3)

Lori Alamia Keeping the crowd on their feet….

It seems like most of this Grammy awards was spent with the crowd on their feet for standing ovations, aren’t you happy you can watch it from your couch?

The legendary country music singer Glen Campbell was sadly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but was luckily able to perform for a tribute.

Taylor Swift announced the tribute to Campbell. the Band Perry sang “Gentle on my Mind” with images of Campbell projected in the background. Blake Shelton next sang “Southern Night.”

Campbell himself came out to sing “Rhinestone Cowboy,”giving a great performance. Earlier in the evening he was presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Carrie Underwood presented best new artist of the year. first, Underwood sang with the great Tony Bennett a sweet version of “It Had to be You.”

Indie folk singer Bon Iver won for “Best new Artist of the Year” thanking “all the nominees, all the non-nominees, those he toured with, and the voters for the sweet hookup.”

Next up was the Memoriam for all the losses in music this year. it culminated with Jennifer Hudson giving an emotive and exquisite performance of “I Will Always Love You” in memory of the late, great Whitney Houston.

Things quickly shifted gears to a party mode with the first ever electronica dance performance of the Grammys.

In a special tent set up for the evening, there was a fun looking “Grammy Party” with David Guetta, Chris Brown, DeadMau5, and Foo Fighters. it began with David Guetta djing as Chris Brown sang “I can Only Imagine” as the crowd waved suggestive colored glow sticks. the Foo Fighter then performed “Rope” with DeadMau5 as some audience members fist pumped donning mouse heads. for the energy and new music fan base it brings, this new addition, may become a permanent one.

Nicki Minaj sang a strange version of “I Feel Pretty” followed by a film staged as her exorcism. This set up her song “Roman’s Revenge” which was a theatrical and creepy performance with fire effects and robed, hooded back-up singers.

Lady Antebellum presented “Record of the Year” which was won by none other than Adele for “Rolling the Deep” she said “thank you, this is ridiculous.” it is unfortunate for all the other talented nominees this year that they did not stand a chance to win with Adele’s album still on top of the charts. However, her sincere humble, grateful approach makes her seem all the more deserving.

Diana Ross presented album of the year, first announcing that Paul Epworth won for producer of the year. Adele won for “Album of the Year” in tears, thanking her mom saying that it was inspired by “something normal that everyone’s gone through, a rubbish relationship” and slipped out of the touching moment comically announcing that she “had a little snot.” why couldn’t someone have a tissue ready for the poor girl?

The Grammy’s closed with Paul McCartney back in his element, singing classic Beatles song “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight.” Springsteen accompanied this high energy ending to the crowds final standing ovation.

What was your favorite part of the Grammy’s tonight?

Grammy Recap (Part 3)

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