Good name for a Christian Women exercise ministry…?

I'm in a group at my church called Acteens. We do activities called MissionQuests in which we do a bunch of things. one in particular is a women's ministry. I'm kinda in charge of setting up a workout group for the women at my church of all ages. I'm trying to think of a cute acronym that spells a word that we could use as the name of our program. I'm going to give you an example that isn't technically apropriate but I'm just showing you what I'm looking for.

H.O.P.E : healthy old people exercising
yes it's little on the rude side, but I hope you can see how I want it to be a word, and then each letter of that word to mean something.

I don't want a bunch of letter together, like…WEAC to be women exercising at church. that's not the line I want this to flow on…

Thank you for your time and ideas.

P.S- if you can think of any crafts, activities, door prizes, etc. that would flow along with the Christian Women Exercising theme please feel free to share.

Thank you!
God bless.

Good name for a Christian Women exercise ministry…?

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