Going to see a guy's band play tonight-what to wear?

i met him at a bar a few days ago and have been invited to go see him play in nyc (lower east side) tonight. i have the feeling this play is going to be hipster central…i want to look cute and girly (just a little) but not trying too hard because it's the first time we're really kind of hanging out. i want to wear flats too because we are the same height… i was thinking a cute dressm with leggings and flats ? is that too dressy? ideas, thoughts? help, i have no idea what to wear. it's too warm to wear jeans i feel like, though it will be at 10pm, also i was wearing jeans and a hoodie when we first met so i wanna look a little nicer. help!?

a Leather mini and a bikini top with 6 inch spike heels

I say you should wear some jeans with some pointy shoes and a sparkly, loose top. the jeans should be tight.

ya a dress sound nice, or a skirt with a cute top,

a nice dress & some sweet mules will be casual enough for the evening – the shoes will finish it nicely without be too formal!

If his band has sertain colors try to wear them and show him how excited you are to be there and that your very supportive. Also make sure it's notting to reveling that only gives guys the impression that they can score, look classic like a girl it's worth his time to see again.

i would wear a black shirt of some kind-maybe a tank with thick straps or a 3/4 length sleeve and a denim mini? that'd be rlly cute and very concert-appropriate. wear some cute earrings or a necklace to show off against the black top. good luck hun!

Going to see a guy's band play tonight-what to wear?

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