Girls with PID may be at risk of serious side effects

When a person becomes infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) they may also find themselves experiencing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). this is a condition characterized by inflammation of the reproductive organs and affects an estimated 800,000 women in the U.S. each year. Recently, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center have found that teenage girls with recurrent PID are at risk of experiencing a variety of symptoms, including chronic pain in their pelvis and infertility. The scientists examined many teenage girls with this condition and found that 18 percent were already showing signs of infertility.

“The fact that close to one-fifth of these girls were already showing signs of infertility is quite alarming and might mean that the numbers will increase as these girls get older and actively try to get pregnant,” said researcher Maria Trent, M.D. PID, like many other STDs, can potentially be prevented by practicing safer sex. this is why it’s important to spread awareness of the most effective ways to avoid getting these infections.

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Girls with PID may be at risk of serious side effects

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