Getting a Glimpse of Black Ops 2

The release of call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been confirmed to be on November 13, 2012. Treyarch developed the first-person shooter video game, which is published by Activision. the game is compatible with Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. although it is already the ninth call of Duty game, it is the first one to feature futuristic warfare setting. It also allows the player to form a storyline of his own. the upcoming game is already talked about on Black Ops 2 forum sites.

The futuristic setting depicts 2025, during which time China and United States hold a cold war. But this war is run by robots and unmanned vessels, all depicting modern, advanced technology-based warfare. In the game, there is an element that depicts cynicism towards the advanced technology. the origin of the China-US cold war dates back to the 1980s, wherein the roots of the story were taken. the main antagonist in the game is Raul Menendez, who instigates war between the two countries. back in the 1980s setting of the Black Ops game, Alex Mason is the protagonist. His son, David Mason, becomes the leading character in the 2025 version of the game.

As mentioned, Black Ops 2 will have branching storylines, as players can influence the game, as well as its story. the game will involve Strike Force missions, which will give players control over different war assets. these assets include robots, jets, and unmanned aircraft. the campaign continues even if the player dies in the mission, but the loss is recorded. the antagonist, Raul Menendez, will change his plans according to the progress of players in the Strike Force missions. Players can change the course of the Cold War.

Every Strike Force mission will remind you of the small sandbox battlefield, and you are free to choose the order you want to meet your aims. For instance, you can choose the units you play, or have a good look of the battlefield by zooming out the picture, while the flesh and blood soldiers deploy UAVs and walking robots. you can select a new unit and adopt its perspective, and you can quickly acquire any unit that you prefer at the moment. the overwatch mode allows you to give orders and go through the whole Strike Force missions.

The game developer, Treyarch, said that the Zombies mode will reappear in the new version of Black Ops, and it is its third time to appear in call of Duty games. Zombies will have its own campaign and will execute the multiplayer engine, which allows a more intense experience together with novel game modes. the Zombies mode sets Black Ops 2 from older call of Duty games, as it supports an 8 player co-op. Treyarch has not yet revealed much information about the Zombies mode, though.

The visuals of Black Ops 2 are improved with the use of more advanced graphics engine. Players will marvel the facial animation, which has been given more thorough attention. That means the characters will have more precise facial expressions.

Getting a Glimpse of Black Ops 2

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