Gaming: The Show beats down 2K10 in baseball war

This week saw the release of two new baseball games, 2K Sports MLB 2K10 and Sony’s MLB ’10: the show, and once again 2K fell short while the show soared to victory.

When it comes to sports games I have come to the conclusion that the PS3 is the system to get. That system gets all the same great titles as XBOX 360, but they have also have the best exclusive baseball game.

MLB ’10: the show once again outperformed 2K Sports’ MLB game because the mechanics of the game are simply better than 2K’s, and then you wonder why 2K can’t get its act together and try to achieve the same amount of quality that Sony does.

When playing a game you can really look past certain things, but one thing you can’t look past is the gameplay. This is where 2K falls and the show rises. 2K’s gameplay is definitely in need of more tuning; it’s better than last year’s, but that’s not saying much. with the 2K MLB game it seems each year its gameplay gets only a little bit better, never offering anything surprisingly good, but it does take one step toward being a better game.

The problem with this slow progression is that we the players are stuck with the same frustrations year after year. There should be a point where 2K should just step back and take a long look at its franchise and try to fix what’s not working instead of offering a million dollars to pitch a perfect game.

2K should take that million dollars and use it for further development.

The show doesn’t have the problems that 2K has, which makes for a much better game. in the show the gameplay is there, even though you might be a little confused by the a.I. at times.

The biggest flaw that the show has is its Road to the show mode and Franchise. Both these modes could use a little tweaking, but I’m not getting into that because this is not a review.

PS3 owners should be very excited because for the next year they will be able to play a great baseball game. I know a lot of 2K fans are not going to like what I said, but it’s the truth. I agree that the game is better than last year. though.

I’m waiting for the day that 2K delivers that perfect baseball game, the game that will become the superior baseball game of the year and one that makes every 2K fan proud.

So, if you have a PS3 I would definitely get the show, and if you have the XBOX 360 get MLB 2K10; it’s still a baseball game and if you can look past some things you will still have fun playing it.

I’m still hoping that sometime in the future that EA will get the rights back to develop MLB games and give us another MVP title. I know that this might never happen but it’s definitely something I would like to see happen.

The MVP series was great and is still the baseball game I prefer playing on my PlayStation 2.

Gaming: The Show beats down 2K10 in baseball war

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