Free iPhone with Vodafone’s new Smartphone Plans

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Vodafone is offering customers a free iPhone when subscribing to one of Vodafone’s Smartphone plans from as little as €55 monthly. “we know Apple products are popular among Maltese consumers,” said Vodafone’s Head of Marketing, Alexandre Froment-Curtil. “Since customers’ interests are of utmost importance to us, we thought of packaging a free iPhone with our plans, to keep clients satisfied. we have also upgraded our plans, keeping them simple and adding more value.”

The iPhone 3GS will be given for free on the Smartphone 55 Plan. The iPhone 4 will be given for free on the Smartphone 75 Plan while the newly launched iPhone 4S comes free with the Smartphone 95 Plan. The free iPhone smartphones are available on a 2 year subscription.

The company said that “from as little as €35 monthly, customers get unlimited calls and SMS to any Vodafone number, 50 minutes of calls to any EU and local network and 500MB Internet on your mobile.”

“The Smartphone 55, Smartphone 75 and Smartphone 95 tariff plans all offer unlimited calls to all local fixed customers and Vodafone customers, unlimited SMS to all local mobile customers as well as Internet on your mobile.”

With these plans, for the first time ever, Vodafone said it “is offering its Data Test Drive. Vodafone will be helping its customers find the data bundle that best suits their needs. Customers will not be charged for local data usage above their monthly allowance. this benefit will be applicable till 31st March 2012. At the end of the data test drive, Vodafone will help customers decide on the best data option for them, which can include a data add-on at €10 for 1GB or a better data price plan.”

Vodafone said that it offers a highly personalized service whereby its representatives at customer care, both in-store and over the phone, help clients identify tariff plans and smartphones that best suits their needs and their usage patterns. “with so many smartphones on the market and with tariff plans that Vodafone develops regularly for the benefit of different customers, we ensure individual attention so that clients can trust us to give them exactly what they need,” said Alexandre Froment-Curtil.

Vodafone’s proposal also gives customers the advantage of checking their monthly usage by sending a free SMS to 16290. more information on the new Vodafone Smartphone Plans can be obtained from

Free iPhone with Vodafone’s new Smartphone Plans

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