Free games from PlayStation Plus disappear after subscription …

If you’ve purchased a 3-month subscription to PlayStation Plus, you may be wondering what will happen to the free games you’ve downloaded once your subscription runs out. now that the press-only 1 month trial has expired, Joystiq has the answer.

While Sony’s premium online subscription service offers free games from full PSN games to PSone classics, those “free” titles will cease to be accessible once the subscription expires. if you attempt to launch an expired game, you’ll be met with this prompt: “This content can be used if you renew the license in PlayStation Store.” you will then have the choice to enter the PlayStation Store where you can purchase the game for full price.

Strangely, PSone games still work once the plus subscription ends even though the games are clearly marked as “Expired.” Joystiq has asked Sony whether this circumstance is simply an oversight or whether PSone games are meant to remain accessible. Sony has yet to respond. however, if it turns out that it’s a glitch, you can probably expect a mandatory firmware update.

There’s one other caveat of which gamers should be aware: Subscriptions are automatically set to auto-renew. so if you haven’t turned off “Automatic Funding” from the PSN’s Account Management window, you will automatically be charged for another 3-month subscription. Of course, then you’ll still have access to all of the games you’ve downloaded!

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Free games from PlayStation Plus disappear after subscription …

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