free gadgets – Discovering New Tech Gadgets: Why It's Time for an Android Phone

Tech gadgets have gone beyond being easy gizmos or novelty items and have developed into useful tools for commercial, business and personal applications. this is due generally to the wide variety of functions and features they can offer : from communications, gaming, multi media playing, taking photographs, recording audio, capturing video, and even some spy action.

Potentially the most popular among these tech gadgets are mobile phones which revolutionized the way folk communicate around the world. now, the tech genies are doing it again with smartphones and making a new tech revolution with Android phones that sweeping around the globe today.

Understanding the Android Operating system

the Android OS is developed by Google specially for cell-phones and similar devices. Android is an open OS that allows developers to update it so as to improve their own products for their users and develop other applications that will work with the Android platform. Unlike ordinary non-smart phones, Android phones are packed with a few functions and features : Web surfing, e-mail, media playing, and varied programs all of which can only be done formerly using your PC.

There are other smartphone OS available out there, but Android have some individual features that other OS do not have. these include the following grand features :

* Flash Player – Android phones entirely support flash applications and content with its flash player unlike the other OS system like iPhone’s iOS 4

* Further Keys – Android phones are equipped with extra buttons and menu keys making them more user-friendly and simpler for navigation

* Flash-enabled web browsers – Android phones make use of web browsers that are flash enabled and have better or perhaps double JavaScript performance than other phones

* Media Transfer – transferring of files and folders are faster and less complicated with Android phones which can easily be used as USB devices, unlike the other phones such as Apple devices which have to go through iTunes to transfer media files

* Notifications in Android OS, notifications from SMS, chat, e-mail, and other alerts are efficiently organized after quickly being displayed at the very top of the screen without disrupting any activity you were currently doing at that moment. Other OS such as iOS 4 still maintains the old and interrupting pop-up notifications which need you to do something before you can return to what you were doing.

* eight MP Camera – Many Android phones have built-in eight megapixel cameras as standard while other phones have only five million pixels. Aside from that, Android phones usually utilize dual flash systems for their cameras.

* Widgets – unlike any other OS which puts all application icons directly on the home screen, which makes it tough to manage as applications pile up, Android phones employ customisable folders and widgets for less complicated access and arrangement

* LED Notification Light – the LED light in Android phones will keep on blinking to let the user know that something new has occurred or a new notification was received

* Voice Command – unlike the other phones who hasn’t got default voice commands for calls and other functions, Android phones make us of Google Voice which provide users the power to make calls using voice commands, which is more convenient and saves time

* Larger display – Android phones regularly have larger 4.3 Inch screens in comparison to other smartphones which only have 3.5 Inch displays making users struggle and scroll down after every ten lines

Android phones in the Mobile Market

Android phones were designed for the smartphone platform, costlier handsets that are far more pricey than standard mobile phones, which most likely initially obstructed it from gaining a powerful foothold in the mobile market. these phones cost full retail costs starting from $300 to over $600. Funded phones by mobile carriers are given free for a fixed 2-year contract and a once a month charge of nearly around $100 dollars which is significantly bigger in the long run.

But things are changing in the smartphone market now particularly with the in-flow of less expensive Chinese brands than can fetch for an incredibly low ticket of only $100. Google has added more states where apps are currently available, with approximately over three hundred thousand Android phones being turned on on a daily basis. Android phones are slowly gaining a bigger market share for smartphones and have lately transcended its main rival the iPhone re users.

in terms of features and functions, cheaper Android phones aren’t very different than Android phones carried by major providers. though there may be variations in the standard of the hardware, all the basic features anticipated of a smartphone would be present in China-made Android phones making them ideal phone of choice for first-time smartphone users. They can enjoy the wide variety of apps available from communication, entertainment, games, productiveness and other application apps which you can download from various sources such as AppBrain, Android Market, and AndAppStore among others .

Android is changing the cellphone market, giving the chance for folk who cannot afford smartphones during the past to get their hands to owning one of these really incredible tech gadgets. So it is time for you to get up, type cheap android phones on your net browsers and stand by for the ride of your life.

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free gadgets – Discovering New Tech Gadgets: Why It's Time for an Android Phone

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