Flagship Smartphones Compared – Screen Technology On The Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 4S

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest flagship smartphone from the Korean tech giant, and has caused quite a stir due to its impressive spec list which incorporates plenty of cutting edge features. the Apple iPhone 4S continues to be a popular choice though, so how do these two compare? In this article I will take a look at the screen technology used by both phones.

These days, the screen is one of the most important features of a smartphone, and they are now more advanced than we could have imagined just a couple of years ago. the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the largest screen on any of the manufacturer’s devices (aside from the Galaxy Note, which is considered a smartphone/tablet hybrid) at 4.8 inches. Although the screen is sizable, it still manages to pack a resolution of 1280x 720 meaning that content is displayed in high definition. In addition to this, the screen uses Super-AMOLED technology which was found on the device’s predecessor the Galaxy S2, and is generally seen as one of the handset’s strongest features. there are several benefits to this technology, as it offers almost unrivalled colour saturation, brightness (even in direct sunlight) and wide viewing angles.

The size of the screen makes the Galaxy S3 and ideal device for watching movies in landscape mode, as well as enjoying photo slideshows or playing Android games downloaded from Google Play. the Apple iPhone 4S is also famed for the quality of its screen although it differs greatly to that of the Samsung phone. the screen of the iPhone 4S is somewhat smaller at 3.5 inches which is the same as previous iPhone models, although its display quality is well known as being among the best out there. this is thanks to the famous ‘retina display’ which gets its name because of its high pixel density of 331ppi, making it almost impossible for the naked eye to pick out individual pixels, which makes the phone equally at home displaying multimedia content as its Samsung rival. Choosing between these phones based on the screen is likely to come down to preference for the size. Although the larger screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is impressive on paper, you may find that it makes to handset too large for general use, especially if you are only an occasional user of multimedia content on your mobile phone.

If on the other hand you are looking for the most advanced screen technology out there, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best choice out there. Of course there are many more features on both phones which make each one an appealing option. Look out for my upcoming articles where I will look at some of these, so you can decide if Apple or Samsung have the best flagship smartphone.

Flagship Smartphones Compared – Screen Technology On The Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 4S

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