FieldSaver Android App Enhances How First Responders Collect and Share Critical Patient Data

PINE GROVE, Calif., Sep 09, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) –FieldSaver(TM) announces the release of its Android app v3.0 that provides paramedics a mobile interface that allows them to successfully collect, document and electronically share legally required emergency medical services (EMS) documentation with hospitals, public safety, public health and other first responder agencies.

Compared with desktop or laptop EMS documentation systems, FieldSaver provides a lower total cost of ownership solution to fire departments and private ground ambulance providers seeking fast, reliable EMS software. FieldSaver operates using hand-held mobile smartphone or tablet devices connected to the Internet using WiFi or cellular networks.

Historically, FieldSaver was based upon the Windows Mobile platform. it became apparent with the delay of Windows(TM) 7, together with the shrinking number of mobile devices operating on the Windows(TM) Mobile platform, that FieldSaver needed to consider re-designing the application for the Android(TM) OS.

“Our customers were facing fewer and fewer device options as cellular providers dropped Windows-based devices,” explains president and chief operating officer Dr. Drew Hood, MD. “This decision was impactful from various perspectives in that it required us to consider the loss of capital investment in the labor design of the new version of FieldSaver using the Windows Mobile OS and the risk of development in the new Android operating system that we were unfamiliar with.”

The Android OS platform has its advantages. Android smartphone and tablet devices cost less than ruggedized laptops/tuff books and are easily provided and managed by an existing cellular carrier.

This allows FieldSaver’s clients to choose smartphone and tablet devices that best meet their field data collection needs. In addition, the “Always-On” data connection allows Paramedics to electronically fax patient reports and data directly from the FieldSaver app using the handheld device to the hospital’s emergency room network printer during transport prior to patient drop-off.

With the initial rollout currently underway, FieldSaver’s customers immediately reported high satisfaction with having an Android version of the FieldSaver application. The application design, with new version improvements using Android OS devices, is continually generating praise and satisfaction. Existing customers have had nearly 10 years of experience and use of FieldSaver in the field.

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about FieldSaver

FieldSaver is run by seasoned professionals whom have all been involved with EMS system design, operations, and technology. Since its inception, the company’s focus is developing easy-to-use EMS software applications for smartphone and tablet mobile devices. FieldSaver knows what paramedics need to be effective and productive when collecting and reporting EMS documentation. For more information, visit .

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FieldSaver Android App Enhances How First Responders Collect and Share Critical Patient Data

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