Fashion Designing – where to start and how to get recognised?

I want to for into the Fashion Design business. But I literally have NO idea where to start.
I'm 15 and going into 5th year, well tomorrow! And I'm a little stuck and in need of lots of information. Do I need to do a Fashion Design college course? (Textile design I think, it's called.)

I'm interested in finding out where to actually start, and how to get my items recognised.

Please someone help.
People with actual fashion knowledge would be so awesome, and much appreciated :)
Thank you!

Well first, you want to pick classes in high school that will prepare you for the fashion designing industry, so art classes, sewing, ect. get an internship and build your way up on the fashion ladder. it would be best to get a degree and to build a resume and a portfolio.

Hi not sure if this can help you with your fashion design business, but I was in the same place not knowing where to start and browsed the web a lot for answers, and I came across this site that talks about fashion design college courses and fashion universities.

Hope it helps you with your textile design dream :)

Me again! certainly follow the advice of the first answerer.

Additionally, as you are also interested in being a model and photographer, practise after school as much as possible.

Use the vast resources of the Web to research all about fashion trends, materials science, how tastes vary internationally, etc.

If you have managed to make samples, present these on your own website.

Also, possibly your local fashion beautiques may actually pay you for one of your designs to sell in their shop. Aswell as some money, you can use this as evidence of your talent and may even get noticed by a talent scout.

As you are young, go with a good friend or parent to the centre of London. Especially I think Kings Road in Chelsea. Visit all the fashion shops, speak to the sales staff, also the shop manager. ask them what sells. And why?

You will leave with an insider's knowlege and hopefully inspiration. As fashion is so vibrant, and you're not an adult, I don't think they'll be hesitant to help.

Hopefully I've helped…

Fashion Designing – where to start and how to get recognised?

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