Fans scramble for Celtics- Lakers tickets

As the Celtics [team stats] prep to challenge the hated L.A. Lakers yet again – this time in a quest for their 18th NBA championship – green-eyed fans are offering big money and fancy electronics in exchange for the hottest ticket in town.

Red Sox fans even are willing to cough up two-for-one deals to anyone lucky enough to have a home seat to the 2010 NBA Finals.

One eager rooter offered his PlayStation 3, a PlayStation Portable and some games for just one ticket. another tried to trade a new iPhone for C’s ducats.

Chuck Courtemanche of Shirley offered four Red Sox [team stats] tickets – including two to the upcoming game against the L.A. Dodgers featuring Manny Ramirez [stats]’s homecoming – to Craigslist users in exchange for two tickets to any of the championship games. he said he’d gladly swap two for one just for a chance to watch the kind of classic NBA matchup he remembered from his youth.

“I grew up in the ’80s . . . and I remember wanting so bad to be in the arena for one of those championship games,” he said yesterday, before the Lakers polished off the Phoenix Suns, 111-103, in Arizona. “I couldn’t make it in ’08 because of work obligations. now I can. who knows when this will happen again?”

Courtemanche, who owns the Maui Wowi Smoothies and Coffee franchise, said the offers haven’t started to pour in, but he’s hopeful.

“So far, all I’ve received for responses are people trying to buy my Dodgers tickets,” he said.

The Celtics will be back on the practice floor tomorrow in Waltham before departing Tuesday – heading to the City of Angels for the first two games of the best-of-seven series with Kobe Bryant and his purple-and-gold avengers.

There is no word yet from Celtics brass whether any send-off is planned for the team. the first home games for the C’s would not be till next week because L.A. owns home-court advantage.

Fans from across the area are busy searching online for ticket deals for the homestand. John Garon of Methuen said he and a friend got tickets to the C’s matchup against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers for $40. he said he’s hunting for a bargain to the championship games as well.

For Garon, the Celtics championship series against the Lakers is a salve for the new England Patriots [team stats] letdown earlier this year, and the all too recent Bruins [team stats] meltdown. he said Hub sports fans are tired of getting close only to watch it all disappear.

“Boston fans always expect the best no matter what team is playing,” he said.

“I was crushed that the Bruins lost from three up and about to go into the conference finals for the first time since ’92. Having the Celtics in it really took the heat off Boston sports.”

Fans scramble for Celtics- Lakers tickets

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