Famous Graffiti Artists

The origin of the artistic form of graffiti can be traced back to 30,000 BCE wherein the art has been projected on the caves, walls and other pictographs. in recent times, graffiti symbolizes any image, lettering or decoration inscribed on properties such as walls and rocks with the use of markers or paints. However, this beautiful art form has been grossly misused by many people to damage public property showcasing their false sense of authority.

Graffiti is also used as a medium of communicating social or political viewpoints. Such activities have made graffiti a controversial issue. Some respect graffiti as an art form worthy of being part of museums and art galleries, while others regard it as a mode of defacing property.

Most graffiti artists prefer to maintain secrecy about their personal details. currently, Banksy is a prominent name in this art form. this artist employs graffiti to convey his anti war and social messages to the world. He is now believed to be working in unison with the Bristol Museum of Art.

The French graffiti artist, C215 is quite different in his outlook and approach in comparison to Banksy. neither does he believe in holding back his identity like him nor are his works restricted to any one domain.

David Choe has received world wide acclaim for representing Barack Obama through the medium of graffiti. He is a versatile artist working on varied designs highlighted the art form.

Another prominent graffiti artist Pixnit also likes to keep her identify a secret. Her work predominantly features floral designs and is highly appreciated in the cities of Boston and Cambridge. Some of the other important graffiti artists include Judith Supine and Dan Witz.

Famous Graffiti Artists

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