Family’s Statement on Wlasiuk Guilty Verdict

July 3, 2012 Updated Jul 4, 2012 at 12:27 AM EDT

Norwich, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Family and friends of Patricia Wlasiuk released a statement to Action News.

Here is the full statement released by them:

“Ten years… that’s how long our family has felt the “punishment” for a crime someone else committed against one of our own. we did not tell that evil man to commit this cowardly act instead of simply filing for a divorce! why should we suffer? why should those beautiful children suffer? It’s a rhetorical question as there is no answer, but we have suffered and still do!

How a man can try to justify such a heinous act by berating the good people of Chenango County is beyond comprehension! everyone from Mr. McBride, the staff of the District Attorney’s Office, the members of the Chenango County Sheriffs Office, the Oxford and Guilford EMT’s and rescue squads, the doctors, the nurses, the neighbors and forensic experts in the New York State Police Crime Lab should be thanked for their dedicated service. Instead, they have faced scrutiny throughout all three trials and insinuations have been that they didn’t perform their jobs to the very best of their ability. we truly believe these people are everyday heroes who performed accordingly, some even risking their lives in the process.

As many people have sat in the courtroom or followed the trial in the news, it remains our hope that Peter’s manipulative ways have fooled no one. he has attended the trial daily sporting a new shirt and tie, hiding his tail down his back of his jacket and wearing a wedding band. It’s a sham and we don’t buy it! Peter’s waterworks when Joyce Worden “cried” as she told how the children were informed of their mother’s death belie his true demeanor. he averted his eyes and wouldn’t look when autopsy photos of Patty were displayed. why? Was he afraid people in the court room would see his pride in his handiwork when he looked at those horrible photographs?

Throughout all these years, Peter claimed to care about “his” children. Peter has definitely failed to demonstrate this. he has manipulated the children, the law guardian and the courts. Patty’s children will live with the memory of autopsy photos forever because he didn’t even encourage them to not be in the court room. Simply put, his motto could and should be, “If I can’t have them, no one will!”

Peter Wlasiuk has left not only our family, but also the community with a void that will never be filled because of this terrible act. It is our hope that he has been represented well enough by his “TEAM” to never have burden his children, our family, or Chenango County with having to deal with him in court again.

Peter and his father, Tom have often said that our family is to blame for what Peter has gone through. Oddly, Peter has a tattoo on his back that reads, “No Regrets, no Remorse.” When he spends the rest of his days behind bars, the family will take his tattoo to heart.”

Family’s Statement on Wlasiuk Guilty Verdict

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