Facts and Information About Twisted Metal on PS3

Welcome back Twisted Metal the Twisted Metal franchise first appeared back in ’95 on the PlayStation 1, and turned out to be a massive success with future releases on the PS2. This is now 8th game within this popular vehicle combat franchise. This outrageous, vehicle-combat title is a PlayStation 3 only-title, and this racing game is like a demolition derby but with guns. Participants race across numerous tracks in extreme vehicles outfitted with various types of weaponry – the victor for each contest is the only racer living.

In the campaign story of Twisted Metal, gamers attempt to win Calypso’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Tournament. Each event course is actually a battlefield having a post-apocalyptic backdrop, additionally the racing surroundings themselves are destructible. There are seventeen provided vehicle-types to choose from per race, and every vehicle are easily modified – using a huge number of available modifications for all vehicles together with a massive choice of weapons. Players play as one of four playable characters (Dollface, Sweet Tooth, the Preacher or Mr. Grimm), with every character having a distinct game-story with 3 possible conclusions.

This game includes a Co-Op option whereby two players may enjoy the main campaign mode cooperatively. Multi-player is well catered for, and there are seven available multiplayer modes, with up to 16 gamers can participate in multiplayer contests. Twisted Metal also contains a split screen option, providing a four player split screen game-mode for offline games, and a 2-player split screen option in online games.

4 Characters to Choose From – the 4 playable personas for the campaign story are Sweet Tooth (from the Clowns), Mr. Grimm (from the Skulls), Dollface (from the Dolls) and the Preacher (from the Preachers). Each available character possesses its very own distinct storyline, along with three possible conclusions based on choices provided by the gamer.

Outrageous Vehicle Types – Twisted Metal has 17 vehicle types to select from with each vehicle type having its very own arsenal of weapons. Vehicle types incorporate Sweet Tooth’s famous ice-cream truck which transforms into a massive robot, the Reaper, which is Mr. Grimm’s motorcycle, Juggernaut which is an eighteen wheeled semi-truck, Death Warrant, which is a Ford Mustang, Warthog which is a tank which has a car on top of it, Talon which is a helicopter), and Shadow which is a hearse.

Vehicle Modification – Every vehicle-type may be modified utilising a huge number of customisable options to choose from, as well as a enormous range of weaponry. Vehicle power ups can also be collected while racing.

Various Multi-Player Game Modes – the game comprises seven multi-player game-modes which may be enjoyed online or through the offline split-screen option by up to 4 gamers. Included multi-player modes are last Man Standing, Death Match, Hunted, Nuke, Team last Man Standing, Team Death Match and Team Hunted. up to sixteen gamers may play in multiplayer matches.

Destructible Environments – Gamers are able to race over eight unique maps, with every game-map incorporating a variety of elements that are destructible. Gamers can even destroy massive objects for example a Ferris Wheel, a roller-coaster plus the Statue of Liberty.

The official launch date for Twisted Metal is scheduled for February 17th, and shall be released only on Sony PS3. the video game will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment, and Eat Sleep Play were the developers for the video game. the PEGI rating given to the video game will be PEGI 18, so that the game is suitable for ages 18 and upwards. This game will have multiplayer support, and up to 16 gamers may play.

Facts and Information About Twisted Metal on PS3

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