Facebook as a Social Enterprise

I have been involved with social media since before the days of Friendster. It has come a long way since then and the evolution has taken place in a very short time frame. We are now at the peak of the Facebook Social Enterprise. Our lives are being held hostage by some gurus behind a screen. All our information is laying flat in front of the world. Groups such as Anonymous have vowed to hack Facebook if they don’t change their personal privacy regulation.

Recently I noticed that Facebook uploaded all my contacts phone numbers. I didn’t give anyone permission to do this but they did it anyway. Then it was my obligation to turn off the feature in facebook. Why is that so? Should I have to be always watching as social networking invades every inch of my privacy. The crazy part about it is that we let this happen to us. It is just another experiment to see how far the human can be controlled. It’s almost likeĀ a legal holocaust of our information. We are all being stripped down and thrown in front of the world. What’s next?

Is anything safe anymore? Does anyone even care that they are controlling all our information, how we build our personal networks, who we can and can’t see or talk to , where we can turn people off with the click of a button. How imaginative it is to just flip a switch and make your world a better place.

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