ESPN Streaming Comes to the Xbox 360

While the Wii has only a Netflix streaming deal so far, and that’s fairly new too, the Xbox 360 seems ready to move to the next level. The gaming console might not be just a gaming console anymore. Microsoft plans to let Xbox 360 owners stream content from ESPN which is definitely great news to sports lovers.

Not only will they be able to play all the sports they want on a hot console that’s about to get motion control later this year but they’ll also be able to watch their favorite sports streamed straight to their Xboxes.

Microsoft is said to be in talks with the Walt Disney Company in order to seal the ESPN deal. a new Xbox 360 streaming service could emerge soon, the ESPN 360. available from high-speed Internet providers, the new streaming service will let you watch ESPN live all for a monthly fee.

The specific costs and the names of the providers are still a mystery. according to sources involved in the negotiations the deal is not yet imminent so it might take a while until Xbox 360 fans will be able to check out ESPN 360 whenever they get bored from all that extensive game playing.

In the following years we will probably see the transformation of the console into something a lot more powerful than a simple gaming device. Capable of offering lots of multimedia services, the consoles will draw the attention of large networks which will want to bring as much content as possible to those connected living rooms. And where’s content there will be commercials which means that large corporations will definitely be interested into advertising inside this newly created ecosystem. Where will it all stop? We can’t really say but we’ll be here reporting how the Xbox 360, the Wii and the PS3 become the home entertainment weapon of choice for many consumers. What do you think about this new emerging trend?

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ESPN Streaming Comes to the Xbox 360

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