Enjoy the Glamour and Glitz of New York Nightlife

The glamour and glitz of new York is unraveled best at all the hip and trendy night entertainment venues and the city’s distinct fusion of prestige and style is explicitly symbolized by this well known phenomenon. new York is famed for its zealous nightlife and is abundant with night clubs, pubs and restaurants each distinguishing from one another in style and manner.

The city is filled with life and energy at night due to the vibrant entertainment venues and is perfect for those seeking a delightful getaway from the monotonous routine life. The clubs in the city vary from Jazz Clubs to Comedy Clubs, thus caters to the diverse needs of entertainment seekers. known as the hub of the jazz world, new York is home to some of the best jazz clubs in the world which features veteran as well as amateur artists. Adorned by highly acclaimed jazz musicians is the Hayden Planetarium which holds delightful jazz sessions twice a week. The renowned Duke Ellington Orchestra directed by Paul Mercer Ellington is featured every Tuesday at Birdland which maintains a mixture of varied jazz delights throughout the week. The jazz venues in new York are endless portraying a sub culture in this iconic city.

For all the dancing fanatics the city lays out a fantastic assortment of dance clubs allowing all party goers to indulge in a pool of fun and entertainment. Club new York, Chaos, China Club, Cream, Culture Club are a few among the multitude of clubs offering perfect entertainment for all club enthusiasts and for those who are hard to appease by techno vibes, the city offers great refuge at a number of clubs which feature some of the best live and unplugged performances which include places such as 13Bar, Baggot Inn, BAM Caf, The Bitter end and Blarney Star.

If it is simply to enjoy a hearty laugh after a busy days work, the array of Comedy Clubs would prove out to be the ideal solace with a range of stomach crunching comedy acts at venues such as Boston Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club and Stand-Up NY. The robust new York City is also home to many late night dining spots, lounges, pool halls and bowling alleys as well as many New York hotels providing an array of accommodation amenities to its visitors.

Enjoy the Glamour and Glitz of New York Nightlife

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