Elin Nordegren

TIGER Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren has started spending her divorce settlement, splashing $12.2 million on a new home in Florida.

Though it is a fraction of the cost of Woods’ new $60 million bachelor pad, Nordegren will have more floor space.

The golfer’s house sits on 4.8ha of land, but his home is only about half the size of Nordegren’s, which has almost 1600sq m of space.

Seven months after the couple finalised their divorce, Nordegren, who had been house-hunting since last year, settled on the stunning beach-front mansion in an exclusive part of North Palm Beach.

It is about 16km south of Woods’ soon-to-be-completed new bachelor pad on Jupiter Island, with the former couple having agreed to live nearby for the sake of their children.

The two-storey home, built in 1932, has eight bathrooms and a 440sq m basement, according to theĀ Palm Beach Post.

The couple have joint custody of Sam, 3, and Charlie, 2, but the children are believed to live with their mother.

In an interview last week, Woods spoke of the difficulty of raising the children together after the divorce.

“It’s work,” Woods said.

“There’s no doubt. It’s tough but enjoyable.

“That’s the work that I love. I just love being with them and seeing what they’re doing, what they’re capable of doing, the joys, the shifts of interest.

“We have a great time together and that’s what’s important.

“That’s what it was when I was growing up. My mom and dad were always there, they were always present for me and that’s how I am with my kids now.”

Woods has blogged that he is “excited” about moving into his new place “pretty soon”.

According to reports, Nordegren bought the house through Virginia attorney Dennis Belcher – one of the lawyers who worked on her divorce from Woods last year – and a trust called Northern Lights Trust.

Nordegren also holds a $45 million mortgage on Woods’ house until he makes good on his part in the divorce settlement, which is rumoured to be in the $100 million range.

She is enrolled as a part-time student at Rollins College in Florida, studying psychology.

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Elin Nordegren

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