Eight useful summer apps

From the summer list in the current issue of Good Weekend

Hurley Surf Coastalwatch ($2.99, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)Keeps you up with all the action at the beach, including swell, tides and wind conditions, a detailed history of the day before and predictions for the day ahead, as well as up-to-date coastal images. it uses GPS to tell you how far you are from each beach you select.

Read More ($1.99, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)Need help getting through that stack of summer reading material? Enter the title of the book and how many pages it has and this reading log will keep track of your progress. it also archives the books you’ve read.

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Ask the Butcher ($1.99, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)Even if you’ve never thrown a shrimp on the barbie, this app will help you show off. Developed with Vic’s Meat, it features recipes and info on all cuts and varieties, with cute graphics. But we love the timer: input cooking type (barbecue or roast), weight of meat and how you want it cooked, and an alarm will sound when it needs to be flipped.

Sun Smart (free, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) If you plan on soaking up the sun, this app will help keep your skin out of the red zone. it offers a seven-day weather forecast, UV levels for each day, and when to slip, slop, slap. it also calculates how much sunscreen you need, and includes an alarm for when it’s time to reapply.

Road Trip Fun (99 cents, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) Pull this out at the “Are we there yet?” stage. it features car games, from I Spy and 20 questions, to Punch Bug and Licence Plate Bingo, with descriptions of how to play each one.

Everguide (free, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) This what’s-on guide to entertainment, arts and culture across Australia includes Summer Music Festival Insider, a national festival guide.

Flip N Drink ($4.49, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) Browse hundreds of cocktails, select your favourite and flip it over for ingredients and mixing instructions. All the classics are included, as well as plenty of new-fangled concoctions (a Corpse Reviver, anyone?).  

Trip Journal (free, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

A detailed app for the avid traveller. it lets you document your holiday using photos, videos and maps and share them via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. it also keeps a record so you’re left with a slick travel journal once you get home.  

 From the summer list in the current issue of Good Weekend.

Eight useful summer apps

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