Early Buzz: MET Costume Gala, Drake, Selena Gomez and More

The MET Costume Gala went down in New York Monday night. as in years past, the world’s most beautiful people attended and looked beautiful. Rate the dresses here.

Do you want to open for Drake? (And do you live in the States?) you should probably have a look at this.

The scariest thing on the Dark Shadows set was Johnny Depp’s toilet. Apparently, Depp’s vampire make-up was so fussy he needed to be accompanied by a team of assistants on every bathroom break.

More political ads should be ads for Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis movies.

Selena Gomez and the rest of the Spring Breakers cast are featured in an Interview magazine feature and photospread, and according to Gomez, the new role exposed her to "bad girl" activities she’s never experienced in real life. "I mean, I’d never smoked a cigarette beore in my entire life. … they had to show me how to do it," Gomez says in the interview. (She’d also never robbed a restaurant, or partied with James Franco before. we think.)

If mark Wahlberg wears nothing but underpants in public, does he get a paycheque from Calvin Klein? something to ponder while you gawk at these pics.

Nelly Furtado shared the tracklisting for her upcoming album, The Spirit Indestructible — along with a bunch of emoticons. (Early reviews give the record 7 winky, smile-faces out of 10.)

Snooki on why she’ll be the world’s best mom: "I’m loving, caring, sensitive, protective and very maternal, no matter what people might think."

This is what a new Passion Pit song sounds like. the band releases upcoming album Gossamer on July 24.

Remember Jared Padelecki from Gilmore Girls and Supernatural? These photos should help jog your memory.

Two things make Eva Mendes giggle: 1) Onesie pajamas; 2) Jokes about Ryan Gosling.

In case The Avengers‘ superpowered box office this weekend wasn’t enough of a reminder, yes, there will be an Iron Man 3. Ben Kingsley is in, Jessica Chastain is out.

And now a message from Pepsi (and Nicki Minaj).

Anne Heche is returning to TV in a new series called Save Me, about a woman who believes she can channel the voice of God — as opposed to an alien named Celestia?

In news straight out of a very-special episode of 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins and his wife of 27 years are separating.

Lady Gaga will look like a Simpsons character when she guest stars on The Simpsons.

James Cromwell is the latest actor to join the second season of American Horror Story.

Andre 3000 is back! (But he’s making movies, not music.) it seems that the Outkast MC will play Jimi Hendrix in a new biopic.

Bob Stewart, the creator of The Price is Right, among many other classic gameshows, is dead.

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Early Buzz: MET Costume Gala, Drake, Selena Gomez and More

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