Driving Employment Agencies – Make Money Behind The Wheel

Today cargo or just trucking, a cheap means of transport is proving to be very profitable. Trucking between states is becoming very popular even when there are many other ways of shipment. Therefore to help both the drivers and the truck companies the driving employment agency was established.

These agencies need their employees to have the basic high school qualification, 21 years of age, experience of driving long distances on trucks and a driving license. These skills, background, character checks are few of the basic duties of the driving employment agencies.

Just like any other agencies, these agencies also provide part time and full time jobs. Nowadays most of the drivers who apply for jobs in these agencies hope to work there permanently. According to the research conducted in January 2006, 1,200 truck companies get help in finding good and reliable drivers from the driving employment agencies.

Agencies like these benefit people looking for jobs by educating them on felony policies. Assistance is also given in helping them complete the commercial driver’s license test (CDL). one of the advantages is that the applicants can choose the company and the place where they want to join whereas this is not possible in any other employment agency. for instance; some drivers prefer being assigned to companies closer to their homes. this arrangement is allowed and encouraged by the companies. this is because; keeping the drivers closer to their homes keeps them under the rules and regulations of the company and this actually does good for the company.

Compared to other agencies, the employees are given the freedom to choose the machinery they want to work with as well as the choice to work alone or in groups.

According to the trucking equipments or the machinery that are used the jobs for the driving agency is classified into:

1. Tanker Driver jobs
2. Dry Van driver jobs
3. Auto hauler driver jobs
4. Flatbed driver jobs
5. Household goods driver jobs
6. Reefer Driver jobs

Classification of the job also includes:

1. Selection of the state, province and location of the company where they want to join work by the employees

2. Experience of the drivers, if they have the experience to drive the public highways through which most of the shipments take place. the less experience drivers are given the shipments which can be transported through the back roads at a certain time.

3. Some of the popularly opted jobs include:

Fleet leasing
Company driver trucking jobs
operator owned trucking jobs
Expedited trucking jobs
Lease purchasing programs

Driving Employment Agencies – Make Money Behind The Wheel

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