Driving America

Is it just me or have people just lost their minds when it comes to driving? Is it really that hard to follow the rules of the road and be courteous while doing so?


I have driven a lot especially over the last 8 years or so. My daily commute has been no less than 50 miles a day going with traffic usually an hour or more in both directions.  I have seen some of the most bizarre episodes of erratic driving that it almost can’t be pictured.


I remember one time while driving on the Northern State  I saw a tractor trailer get on the parkway ( okay this is a big no no for anyone not from NY).  Anyway that same tractor trailer decided to keep going down the parkway as I was on the opposite side sitting in traffic. Low and behold a bridge! Should I stop? Should I read the bridge height sign? Should I go toward the middle of the bridge where it crests at its highest point? Nahhhhh let me just drive right into it while I’m in the right lane with an 18-wheeler. Need I say more?


Another example, I was driving eastbound during rush hour on the Southern State. I get on the parkway near the Wantagh and holy moley a car is in flames on the eastbound side. Nothing unusual right?  We have all heard stories and seen cars on fire.  Well this was a bit different.  The car was in a tree. YES, in a tree. I don’t mean like it hit a tree. I mean it was 10+ feet off the ground flat dab in a tree slowly going up in flames. The driver’s side door was open and there was a guy standing about 20 feet away looking at his car go up in flames in a tree!


Wantagh parkway – Car launched off the road into the bushes and was suspended in the bushes in the woods.  I couldn’t believe this one.


My car has been hit about 4 times. You would think I was the bad driver however and this is going to boggle you.  I wasn’t moving any of the 4 times!!!!!!!! One time an Airborne Express truck decided to turn his wheel hard right and drive directly into my car. Another time a 16 year old kid with no license was driving down my block and thought he was playing bumper bowling with cars as he drove across the side of my car.  My mother was outside at the time so we chased the kid down and watched him switch drivers with another girl who just got her license!!! 2 more times I was stopped in traffic and rear ended. One I was at a red light sitting there for at least 15 seconds when WHAM a 90 year old lady drives right into me.  She pulls over tells me there is ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE to my car then leaves the scene.  The police tell me it’s not worth filing a report over. The other time I was completely stopped in traffic and WHAM again a lady on her cell phone not even looking.


I have to say I notice a difference in drivers from certain areas on Long Island. I spent a great deal of time on the North Shore as I worked up there for many years.  The general consensus of driver’s in this specific area is that they are rich so get out of their way. They have privileges that the rest of us don’t.  Like cutting you off, no signal, pulling out whenever they want, etc. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t just limited to the North Shore us drivers see this everywhere. 


So what is it with people and driving? We need to pay attention on the road.  Here are some rules to follow whether you think you are a good driver or not.


  1. Get out of the left lane unless you are passing.  Don’t do 50 in a 55 in the left lane while people are flashing and honking at you. No they aren’t waving hello to you as they pass you by in the middle lane.
  2. Use your signal. I don’t care if no one is around use your stinking signal.
  3. Be courteous to others. Let them into your lane! Let them go in front of you, wow what a concept.
  4. Drive with traffic, don’t do 20 in a 55 and don’t do 90 in a 55. Go with traffic.
  5. Let it go, another person with road rage doesn’t make the roads any better. Blow it off.
  6. If you can’t do two things at once like write and speak or rub your head and your belly at the same time then don’t drive and talk on the phone. We know you’re on the phone when we see you doing stupid things on the roads.
  7. If you have trouble seeing 10 feet than wear your glasses while driving. It’s not a fashion show it’s a car.
  8. Take care of your car. Make sure its working properly.  All too many people drive around with problem vehicles.  Check your lights, signals, brakes, etc.
  9. If you get into a minor fender bender don’t block a main roadway to do your paperwork which you aren’t going to call the police for anyway, GET OFF THE MAIN ROAD!
  10.   26″ rims with 1″ tires on a 97 Ford Explorer doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a bozo with large garbage can lids on your truck that doesn’t care if he rolls it over.
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