Drake Mixtapes – The Early Years

Drake mixtapes are perfect examples of how the unique format can jump start one of the most successful careers in the entire industry. They have helped a young rapper from Canada go from being a complete unknown to one of the most celebrated stars in the hip hop world today. The tapes helped him establish himself in the industry before he even had a record deal to his name.

If Drake looks familiar to some fans, it is not because they have seen him rapping behind any of the stars who came before him. Long before he made a name for himself as a rapper, Drake had a successful career as an actor. he is best known for playing the part of Jimmy Brooks on the popular young adult television show Degrassi.

In 2006, since he did not have a record deal, Drake took matters into his own hands and released the hip hop mixtape Room for Improvement. since he did not have a label to promote him, fans could only get the tape if they went to his website or MySpace page. however, not being associated with a record label did not stop him from getting attention, and he soon became the first Canadian artist to be featured on BET without having a record deal.

In the next couple of years, many other Drake mixtapes were released in an effort to turn the unknown star into a household name. The tape So Far gone, which was released in 2009, featured the hits Best I Ever had and Successful, which made it to radio. As a result of this particular tape, Drake had the opportunity to work with legends such as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Eminem.

Releasing Drake mixtapes was the best thing to do for his early career, because the rapper was able to get attention that would otherwise be unavailable. his web released tape allowed him to make BET history and the following tapes gave him the opportunity to work with some of his idols. They were exactly the jumpstart that his career needed in order to really take off.

Drake Mixtapes – The Early Years

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