Drake — I'm One of the Best Jews of All Time!

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#1 (Tom C.) why do you say that? is it because he is rich and a success and you are not? is it because he is attractive and you are not? When people say things like that they are jealous and talking about their own shortcomings. I feel really sorry for you!


Jew-Rake! lol check out a video from his Bar Mitzva. here>> http://www.youtube.com/user/BaddBoyBlanco<<…he looks so young and still is amazing at performing.


amazing to me how the jews of hollywood will never miss a spot to promote themselves… everything is jew jew jew in this town, it really gets tiring sometimes. no, no racist. just so very tired of their constant promotion, its almost like a cult. well it is a cult, oh harvey enough already with your jew contests, your ymaka or how ever you spell it, what if the catholics were constantly throwing their religion in your face, every sit com has the “jew moment” thrown in, even when it has nothing to do with the story……….


#3 “Attractive”? I don’t know if you’re eyesight is faulty, but how people can call THIS guy attractive/handsome is just baffling…

Hell, this guy comes from a wealthy family that lives in a very wealthy area, and he happend to luck out that some business men found him on Myspace and agreed to take him into there company. From there on he’s been riding on the crazy train to success but states he comes from “the hood” and has had a not so nice life. Power, fake persona, half-ass lyrics and act. Get over him people, please.


Yeah i agree that finding the perfect match isn’t easy, but you will find him or she when the right time comes.My friends told me a great site —-RichFriends.org— where you have the opportunity dreaming about dating a millionaire and make it true!———–cc


OK, so Rastus has to quote a line from a song that belsen was a gasser. are you referring to the gas chambers? And Mary Ann, what a pretty name for such a hateful person. Djdavis, if judaism is a cult, than its the cult that started it all sweetheart, cause all of our monotheistic religions, including catholocism, came from judaism. Dont forget the most famous jew of all when youre all spewing hatred and jealousy…Jesus


its uneducated people like you who talk trash about your faith, Jews god was a man hating god, until they were freed and lived in Persia for 400 years and re-wrote judaisim based on the teaching of Zoroaster – jews did not create monotheism gets your facts straight!!!!!!!!!!! It was the Persian Poet who declared the idea of one god and referred to it as Ahura Mazda – Creator of Wisdom it was your people that turned the words of poetry into your own book! and called it Torah. before that your god was a man hating god with man personalities, next time your going to trash talk take time to study religion and the roots of religion. the father Zoroaster was against cult type religions like yours!


This story gave me an idea. Let’s all start saying we are Jews and unemployment will end. All you need to do is learn how to act greedy and be extremely obnoxious. A big nose is a plus…


Who cares???..ppl make too much out of “RACE”…Drake is BLACK whether ppl want him to be or NOT!…Get Ova yourselves, whether he has $$ or not, that makes him NO better than any other JEW, Black, Korean, White, etc..And None Of us would know who is what, unless someone tells u..And I don’t know why ppl think they can read MsBerry’s Mind to know what she thinks and how she feels about who she is(Not Ur Bizness!)…Remember, When ppl say things like that, they are Jealous and talking about their own shortcomings…lol…lmao @ fake Ppl who put Celebrities on A Pedestal!!

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Drake — I'm One of the Best Jews of All Time!

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