Drake Hall fire made into documentary

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LA CROSSE (WEAU) – The fire at Drake Hall is going to be part of a documentary. Campus Firewatch along with the Minger Foundation is putting together a video on the dangers of fires at universities.

They stopped at La Crosse to get an inside look at Drake Hall and interviewed Allison Moncrieff and two other students to hear first hand the experience of the fire.

“Once we got outside and saw smoke I thought oh geez this is real. That’s when you freak out and call friends and make sure they got out of the building,” said Drake Hall UW-L student, Allison Moncrief.

They’re going to call the video 9 Fires because they are traveling to 9 universities where fires happened early this semester.

“The first 3 weeks of 2nd semester there were 9 fires on campuses around the nation,” said Minger Foundation President, Gail Minger.

The video will focus on the aftermath of Drake Hall more than the fire itself.

“We’re concerned about the aftermath. What do you do? where do you put students?,” said Publisher of Campus Firewatch, Ed Comeau.

“For a week I slept on an air mattress on a friend’s living room,” said Moncrieff.

Drake Hall is the first dorm in the nation since 2000, to be fully put out of commission because of a fire.

“Losing a hall that housed 271 students that’s a significant impact. Not many schools have had that,” said Comeau.

Once completed the video will show what can go right but also what can go wrong in a campus fire, like the one at Marist College that killed 3 student.

In just three weeks, 3 lives lost, multiple injuries, and one young man jumped out of the 3rd story building. He is now trying to learn to read, write, and walk again,” said Minger.

Once the video is finished it will be available on the Minger Foundation website for free. Universities will be encouraged to use it to train their staff and students the dangers of campus fires.

To go to the Minger Foundation website

Drake Hall fire made into documentary

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