Dr Who and The Eternity Clock: PS3 Game Review

Dr who the Eternity Clock PS3 Review

Released by BBC Platform: PS3

Hands up, then. I am a lifelong who fan so the idea of a newgame with vocal talents of the latest incarnation of the goodDoctor made me somewhat giddy at the knees.

There’s never been a fully successful who game released before;sure the BBC have had some online games produced during the lastrun of the series, but it’s never really made the transition toother platforms.

Enter the Eternity Clock.

You play as the Doctor (or River Song in a co-op game) andbasically, with the Eternity Clock threatening to rewrite all oftime and space, it’s upto you and your trusty sonic screwdriver totry and save the day in this side scrolling puzzle solving piece.with Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and new series villain the Silenceout and about during the game, there’s certainly plenty for theDoctor to avoid.

And, erm, that’s it.


Don’t get me wrong; I love the scope and ambition of this game -with Matt Smith and Alex Kingston providing heaps of lines andtheir voices to the action, it feels like a proper who game (evenif the voices of the enemies aren’t in keeping with the show – aminor nitpick for fans) but as a gaming experience, I’m sad to sayit’s a little flawed in places.

The game’s limitations – you can only move left or right – andproblems when you team up with River Song (sometimes the computer’stoo slow to catch her up to you) mean it’s not the smoothestplaying experience and I think casual gamers won’t forgive it thoseproblems. (Though who fans will likely allow these things topass).

There are some fan thrills around – a lot of the background workhas been targeted at the fans with in jokes and markings on thewalls providing smirks) and using the Dr’s sonic is fun too (youhave to match soundwaves by shining the stick at doors to get themto open) but it’s not just not a deep enough gaming experience toengross yourself in.

Not an unmitigated disaster for the publisher or fans – thevoice work makes it feel so authentic and canon – but for casualgame players, the simplicity of running left and right, jumping,hiding, shifting boxes and collecting hats and pages of a diary maynot, unfortunately, be enough of a lure.

Ultimately though the Eternity Clock marks a very solid in roadfor the Dr who gaming world; here’s hoping that enough will buy itto ensure future games get it spot on as opposed to this verynearly effort.

Dr Who and The Eternity Clock: PS3 Game Review

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