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    It’s difficult to take anything else you say seriously after that load of tosh. Microsoft do develop and innovate (although in fairness this isn’t often in the consumer field), make a huge difference, do fix things and quite clearly have a vision. Of course, so do Apple.

    Silly nonsense which vilifies one multinational profit making company whilst proclaiming another one to be whiter than white is just one of the hallmarks of the delusional fanboy. You really need to consider what you write.

    I know it’s hard. please don’t mind me, I am not an IT specialist. I don’t know how things are really supposed to be, so I do need educating. I would indeed have to admit to some fanboyism. Admittedly, I have been subjected to Windows at various workplaces, so I am not entirely unfamiliar with the daily grind.

    But back in my ivory tower, where I function as a freelancer in communications, design and websites, I have to admit to a complete state of blissful ignorance about the responsibilities of computer ownership. However, I can’t be accused of simply being interested in the latest, coolest, best-looking gear… because believe it or not, I’m really a cheapskate and can’t stand wasting money or time.

    My two computers in my office are older second hand PowerMac towers that I got on ebay. They are about 5 and 7 years old. They are on 24/7 and connected to the web 24/7. my investment has been mostly in OS upgrades — a family pack every 18 months at about 179 dollars. And iWork family pack. And I have a copy of Adobe CS1 about ten years old. but for the most part I use OpenSource software and deal with online CMS systems that can be accessed from most browsers (a bit dodgy from IE admittedly). oh, I have added a little extra RAM and a couple of harddrives.

    Weird, but true: I have spent zero/zilch/nix on security software, zero on support calls, zero on servicing, zero on anything related to the functioning of the computer; Zero time on (not one minute) on reformatting, defragging, phoning, servicing, replacing, or maintenance of any kind (apart from telling Time Machine which folders not to bother with).

    I really don’t know how to explain my complete ignorance of what I should be doing, and I can’t excuse my complete lack of activity when it comes to servicing an old computer network that is continually on and connected. I am completely naiive and maybe I will be forced to wake up and act like a “real” computer owner one of these days (maybe when Apple finally gets a few more percentage points of marketshare and the hackers take an interest, eh? ;)).

    Still, ignorance (willful on my part) is bliss, you know? I see my clients and their new Windows computers, and I am glad I don’t know anything about how computers are “supposed” to work, because I can gracefully decline from any sort of IT discussion. I work with standard media content, printed publications, video and standards-based websites — and that is thankfully enough (naturally, I set the websites up on Linux servers with Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.).

    But it seems to me they all have regular issues and crises at least every six months like clock-work. I mean, heck, I really don’t know what any of that stuff is anyway. So. yeah, color me clueless: re-installing the OS, replacing laptops, losing data, virus, wayward registries (what’s a registry?), defragging drives (doesn’t the OS maintain itself?), malware/bots/spyware (what’s the big deal?), whether to stay on a ten-year old OS or take a chance, whether to renew a thousand licenses for everything you want to do with a computer and what you want to connect it to (I thought there was freedom), whom to call (MS, the hardware manufacturer or the vendor), whether to get a PC fixed or ditch it and start again (sadly, I have ditched a couple of Macs while they were still running and useful — I could give them to my kids but they all have all the other old ones that are still running, and we are getting a bit overrun with old macs, it’s a bit like LandRovers, hate to put them down).

    I mean, I have talked to a few other Mac users (difficult as this seems since we are rather thin on the ground) to see if I am just incredibly lucky, and to see if I should be taking computer ownership a little more seriously or something. Nope.

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