Does Everything Look Better In 3D?

It’s no longer a secret that 3D movies have conquered the market and revolutionized the concept of movie-making. Each and every respected studio has a long list of 3D releases, and, apparently, the audience has nothing to do with this tendency except to accept this fact. Thus, the directors earn their buck, and the audience get what it wants, too: a great sensation of being present in a different space.

Nevertheless, tech stores report that 3D TV sets are by no means the bestsellers. What a dissonance: people pay to watch 3D movie in the cinema but don’t want to turn it into an integral part of their lives. Let’s dwell upon this issue and try to figure out why people still hesitate and don’t want to turn 3D into a part of their everyday lives.

3D has a huge army of fans. some people even claim that 3D looks better than the reality, which is disputable but legitimate. Seriously, all those aliens and ancient Gods’ hammers popping out of the screen can’t be compared with flat images on the screen of a regular TV set. 3D is the breakthrough in the industry, and people greet it with the applause.

Recollecting the most recent releases, they were really remarkable. but this is some cons involved as well; thus, 3D is quite an old technique. Modern 3D industry just leveraged it to make more money out of public. Unfortunately, many film makers simply ignore the necessity of quality focal points establishment. the result is quite a pity: dark, blurry image, sour eyes, and headache. Many people claim eye tension, which is quite upsetting if you have bad vision.

Another thing to be mentioned speaking about 3D movies is the fact that not every movie suits this format. the point is, not every film has a potential to succeed in 3D. but the chances don’t really matter when there is a possibility to force people into watching 3D and paying. Although the results have consistently proven almost impossible to predict accurately, such slapdash rarely works.

Okay, 3D has its pros and cons. Indisputably, 3D adds some points to the overall impression, but that’s not enough. all in all, nothing can save a bad movie from sinking into oblivion, including awesome effects. Don’t be a simpleton and try to consider old good flat movies alongside with hot 3D ones. Cinematography is still the matter of taste, you know.

Does Everything Look Better In 3D?

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