Does a public smoking ban increase business?

Ohio just passed a public smoking ban. I have been told that bars will actually increase business because all the non-smokers will now come out of hiding and spend their money at bars. is this true? please answer if you have experience in states that already have public smoking bans (like CA, NY, FL) AND your business was affected. I'm a barmaid and I'm worried I won't make enough money now because the majority of my good tippers are smokers. I work in a private club (VFW), so the general public isn't allowed there anyways.

I've heard this is actually the case. Suppesly those places are just filled with smoke, and those who do not care to breathe 2nd hand carbon minoxide might be more apt to enter these places.

Private Clubs may be exempt from the public smoking ban law… so you shouldn't have anything to worry about – except your pulmonary health being exposed to smokers.

most people realize that cigarettes are actually harmful – personally, I think it's great that once you quit smoking you can still frequent your old haunts and not be tempted to pick up that nasty habit again. even people who smoke have admitted they are offended by others who smoke in restaurants while they are trying to enjoy a meal. it is true that people who have never smoked will now feel comfortable in restaurants, bars, etc and will come out of hiding. people who quit smoking can feel good about having the government validate their effort by taking away the temptation in public areas.

I don't think the ban can be enforced in a private club. Yes, I think that business will increase. Smokers won't stop going to the bar they will just smoke outside like always. also, who wants cigarette smoke in their food when they are trying to eat.

I understand smoking, but I agree with Ohio that smokers do not have the right to poison those around them.

All the non smoking places in my town are jammed full of people. The smoking ban has helped business. I know I won't go anywhere they allow smoking unless it is an outdoor restaurant. I never go to clubs because of the smell, and inhaling all the 2nd hand smoke makes my chest hurt. I'm in Florida.

I lived in Florida now GA. I love going to even restaurants now that there is no more smoking. I got tired of walking passed the smoking section to get to the non smoking section. glad they stopped people from smoking, that is a very nasty habit. when I would go to places that had smoking, even if I did not smoke, I would smell like I was smoking. my cloths smelled so bad from the stink. sometimes when we would go to a resturant that had smoking all they had was a wall between us, we still smell the smoke. now we can breath. the only thing I hate is when people stand by the door and smoke. they are suppose to be at least fifty feet from the door, but they don't

inside buildings, cigarette smoke has been known to make your eyes sting, it made it hard to breathe, and left a strange tast in the food and drinks.

Get rid of those factors, and the patrons will stay longer, and spend more money.

i doubt it will increase business, because so many people smoke, but i'll tell you this, what is becoming of our country when the goverment can regulate who can and cannot smoke in a private business…is this truely a democratic state you should be asking!!!!
next they will be telling us where we are allowed to fart…d/t release of toxic fumes in a public place, 500$ fine if caught!! lol

I live in Illinois and the counties or communities decide. Springfield has lost bar business. The patrons simply go out of town and drink. Springfield also has another draw back. They have a higher sales tax then everywhere else. A state wide smoking ban might not be as bad, unless they state border is near by, but the smoking ban has hurt Springfield. I don't smoke, but when a large group of us go out, we don't exclude our smoking friends. We simply go else where.

increase or no increase. you should care that it just took away your right as the smoker and the non smoker to choose. non smokers love it because they wouldn't smoke anyway. if the point really is to have an establishment that is smoke free / why not just start your own restaurant with no smoking. I mean come on if the money is really going to be that good how can you do anything but rake it in. But, what if the ban was against something the non smoker really enjoyed. would they all still be so happy? think about this. Whether you smoke or not don't ever give up your individual right to make that decision. Here's another thought while keeping in mind I am a total non smoker. The restaurant businesses were once required to include a non smoking area for those that wanted to eat without the smoke. Why is it now ok to ignore the rights of those who choose to smoke and one more thing. Shouldn't it be the businesses right to say how they run that business. They after all are putting up the risk of capitol? BUT the bottom line is that while smoking is not illegal, the government without a vote of the people are chosing for you. it can easily cross over to other areas of your life. BE AWARE.

The effect on business related to smoking bans is generally proportional to the area. In metro areas where there are other towns which allow smoking these bans do effect business over a short term period. when Dallas passed their smoking bans it included restuarants, bars and hotels. They lost countless millions in convention business because numerous cities around them did not have these bans. while it is true in many cases that some smokers will go to non smoking establishments, many will drive the extra distance to another close town. either way I disagree with smoking bans. I do not believe the government should be allowed to tell private business owners that they cannot allow their patrons to engage in a legal activity. Market forces should dictate private business policies. if enough people refuse to frequent a place which allows smoking, business owners will impose their own bans to preserve their profit margins.

Edit: if the people voted and it passed then there is not much you can say about that. Simply put the will of the majority is absolute in our system of government. however, these smoking bans are rarely brought up for public votes. They are generally mandated by the city government without opportunity to voice dissention through voting.

i live in ohio and voted against this intrusive law. if it's good for business, why didn't the bar owners put the "no smoking" sign on the door years ago? it's their place, they could have done so had they wanted. But they didn't. Why? maybe because it wasn't good for business? ya think?
Don't get me wrong. I hate smoke. I'm a former three pack a day smoker, I quit ten years ago after watching my dad die from lung cancer. I can't STAND to be around it, or even smell it. I have a daughter who smokes, her husband smokes, and she brings my one year old grandson over to the house and i have a hard time picking the boy up because he stinks of tobacco. but I'm also pro freedom, pro-liberty, and I got a big problem with the state telling bar owners how they should run their business.

In Minneapolis they have a smoking ban in bars and the owners I have spoken to say they are losing business. I think it is a fallacy to say non-smokers will make up the difference. They dont smoke and probably dont drink alcohol either as it is bad for you.

Does a public smoking ban increase business?

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