Do you think the iphone 4 video recording will be good enough to record business videos?

I am considering getting the new iphone 4 and it says it does 720p hd video. I want to make business videos for youtube and a website to market online. Do you think the video will be good enough for that and the sound quality good enough?

Every product has a function. the iphone is primarily a phone, but lets you listen to music and take pictures and videos.

It is NOT designed primarily as a video recording device. why would you want to take videos for your business on the iphone anyway. To me that says that you are a terrible businessman. I would never do business with you, because you cant seem to get a dedicated video recording device to make these videos which will get you customers.

the iphone is great for taking a video or pictures while you are out and about. but to suggest to use non-pro video equipment in place of a pro to record a video that your livelyhood rests on is just crazy talk.

Yah i do think and agree with this that iphone 4 video recording will be good as you can see the video quality of iphone 3G yourself! iphone 3G video quality is really good! and you can change the look of your iphone by covering it with iphone skins from! Try these skins i am sure you will like it!

I think so
may be you can try this one

I am using a software which you can rip DVD to iPhone video MP4/MPEG4 and put favorite videos on iPhone. you can not only rip and convert DVD to iPhone video, but also convert DVD to iPhone audio like M4A, WAV….and so on.
May be you will have interest;_ylt=A0oG…
or you can search by yourself

Just a heads up – if I was you, I wouldn't waste my time or money purchasing the new iPhone 4G. There are a few sites that are giving people willing to test the new iPhone out one for free.

Yes, if you look at the iPhone 3gs today, you can see the great quality videos it takes. just imagine how much better they will be on the iPhone 4 with a 5MP camera taking 720p videos.

I ask myself the same thing because I want to record random stuff, and make it into a big movie. we will have to wait and see.

Do you think the iphone 4 video recording will be good enough to record business videos?

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